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SAP: Functional Areas in Distributions & Assessments

SAP allocations, or more precisely, Assessments and Distributions offer a lot of flexibility in their design.  So much so, that you can get lost in the details pretty quickly.  We recently discovered a flaw in our approach to distributing Gross Margin from non-sales profit centers.  The problem was that the distribution did not carry the […]

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SAP: Leo Apotheker on Charlie Rose (PBS)

Last night, I caught an interview on PBS betweeen Charlie Rose and Leo Apotheker, co-CEO of SAP,  and Andrew McAfee, a faculty and researcher in IT at Harvard Bus. School.  It was very interesting to get Leo’s take on the world, business, and SAP.  You can check out the interview here.  I highly recommend it […]

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How did You Get Your First SAP Job?

by Daxis on Flickr A question that is often asked is, how do you get an SAP job?  There is a very simple answer to that…get some SAP experience and the rest is fairly straight forward.  Experience is a major part of the equation in the job world.  And almost everybody who has ever applied […]

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SEC Chairman Christopher Cox

IFRS Options for SAP

GAAP is out…IFRS is in.  At least that’s the plan according to the SEC.  We in the US are all about to get some schooling on how the rest of the world does accounting.  The SEC has outlined the roadmap for making the jump in the US to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  While the […]

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SAP TechEd 2008 – Jimmy Wales Keynote and More

When SAP or ASUG put on keynotes, it’s like the start of some very cool, very hip rock concert, and then they start talking about business software.  No iPod’s, no MacBook Air’s or iPhones, nothing that is going to overtly revolutionize the world, so the build up is a little misleading.  But still, if your […]

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SAP: What’s Next for BPC?

In a comment on another post, Ivan pointed out an excellent/authoritative blog post on SAP’s SDN by Ryan Leask (SAP) on the plan for BPC (Business Planning and Consolidations).  I highly recommend reading his post as it is chock full of all the answers to the questions you’ve been asking about BPC. In addition, here […]

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SAP: Adding Past Validity Dates to Existing Cost Centers

Here’s a situation that we FICO types occassionally run into, particularly those of us doing FICO development and technical support. You may come across the need to create effective dates for existing cost centers that are in the past, meaning “Valid from” dates that are prior to the existing “Valid from”. The bad news is […]

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SAP: How to Determine a Table for a Data Element

If there is one thing that SAP is not lacking in, it’s database tables. 40,000+ tables is what I’ve heard. They’ve got tables of tables. Knowing which table a particular piece of data is stored in is sometimes extremely useful, essential really if you’re going to do a SQVI or an SE16 query. If you’re […]

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ABAP or Java?

SAP Travel Mgmt: Web Dynpro – ABAP or Java?

If you’re starting to look at SAP Travel Management, a question you’ll likely face is whether to customize your Portal portion using Web Dynpro for Java or Web Dynpro for ABAP. With the introduction of the Java stack in Netweaver 7, you’d think that Java was the logical go-forward platform, but this is not the […]

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