Worksoft Users Group is off to a Stellar Start!

Before I get into what a great affair the inaugural meeting of the Worksoft Users Group was, let me say a word on User Groups in general.  Anyone in IT who works with complex software (and isn’t it all complex these days?) knows by now what an incredible resource a good Users Group can be.  The American SAP Users Group (ASUG) is absolutely indespensible.  When you marry SAP in the US (excuse me…I mean buy SAP), it’s really like you’re marrying ASUG too.  They are a huge resource for training, conferences, customer interactions…the works!  Well, when I got the email from Worksoft announcing that they were holding the inaugural gathering of the Worksoft Users Group (official acronym to be declared later, but I’ll use WUG for now) the Sunday before TechEd in Las Vegas, it was like someone from SETI picking up THE SIGNAL on the VLA.  We’re not alone!

In short, the WUG meeting was fantastic.  Shoot the stars, knock the cover off the ball, can’t wait ’til next time, blow me away (that’s 2 posts in a row with me raving like that…in case you are keeping track).  The Worksoft folks really put on a great session.  The doors to the meeting room (burried somewhere deep in the bowels of the Venetian Hotel…I couldn’t find it again if I tried) opened at 1:30 yesterday afternoon and we finally dragged out of there (well fed with all the trimmings) between 7:00 and 8:00.  It was a long day, but we really needed another 2 or 3 hours to get through everything that was planned.

To any folks who were there, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting every one and hearing how you are using Certify.  The presentations were extremely helpful, and the audience active, asking questions that were on everyone’s mind.  It seems that many folks are relatively new to automated testing, and are confronted with the same issues around strategy, data management, etc.

I particularly enjoyed the other customer presentations.  Even when I’m at an SAP conference, I love to hear the customer presentations to see what they are doing with SAP.

I was priviledged to be able to give a presentation as well, and part of my conclusion was a short WUG Wishlist, which I will repeat here as a general broadcast (much like SETI) to any and all who may join in.

An Abridged WUG Wish List:

  • Open discussion & documentation of Best Practices on:
    • Test strategy
    • Test planning
    • Test design (naming conventions, balance of granularity, etc)
    • Execution
    • Documentation
  • Provide a voice for Certify Feature requests
  • Source for tips, techniques, and training for using Certify (added)

Finally, thanks again to Worksoft and all WUG attendees for making the event such a great experience.  I look forward to seeing how the WUG can help us all be better at what we do.



2 Responses to Worksoft Users Group is off to a Stellar Start!

  1. David June 3, 2010 at 3:26 pm #

    Hi, Byron.

    It’s been a while now since your post on the WUG. What’s the group’s status now – has it evolved, stagnated, died? As a full-time Certify user, I can certainly see the advantage to such an organization.

    Let us know what you know. Thanks for your time.

    • Byron Bennett June 7, 2010 at 11:10 pm #

      Hi David,

      The WUG is alive and well (I think). I know they are doing some local meetings as well, at least we’ve had a couple here in St. Louis. And I think they also had a national get-together last year at SAP TechEd.

      Their user base is continuing to grow, so I think we’re all winners from the standpoint that they will hopefully have more incentive to keep the community alive and thriving.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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