WordPress ReWrite – new Plugin Coming and a Hint

First of all, let me start by saying that Custom ReWriting in WordPress has consumed way more of my time than it ever should have.  I have prayed and pleaded, even considered asking one of the WordPress Gurus on their message board, but I’ve not had much luck getting responses there (questions were probably so esoteric that nobody cared but me 😉 ).

Finally, I have my new plugin working, I think!  It gives you an interface in the Admin for setting up your ReWrite Rules and then handles all the rest behind the scenes.  I’m not sure how robust it is, but it meets my needs.

I had 2 humongous problems that ate up 10 hours or more of my time.  Hope this helps you if you decide not to go the easy route and just you Smashly ReWriter (coming soon to a download near you!).

Page ID, ID, Post ID, PageName, P

The aliases for getting a page to come up in WP are nearly endless.  But when using $wp_rewrite rules, you have to be careful.  While index.php?page_id=245 might work for a post if you type it into a browser, save yourself, oh, about 6 hours and make sure you match up Pages with ?page_id= and Posts with ?p= when creating rewrite rules.

& or & ?

Save yourself another 4 hours and don’t try to get fancy and write your urls the way you think they ought to be to be XHTML compliant…that is, using & to join multiple query variables.  Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be too proper.

A good xhtml url would have parameters inserted like:  state=NC&city=CLT

WP Rewriter wants it just plain ole:  state=NC&city=CLT

Well, I hope the new plugin will help somebody out there.  I’m planning to release in the next few days over on Smashly.net.  It makes this business about as simple as I can possibly come up with.  Hopefully some RegEx wizards will contribute some common match rules to help people along.



2 Responses to WordPress ReWrite – new Plugin Coming and a Hint

  1. Karl Jones October 13, 2009 at 5:05 pm #

    Bring it on, I’m ready to try it.


  2. Kris October 25, 2009 at 5:39 am #

    Hello Byron, as a newbie ii really like the clean feel of your theme. But iI have one question how do i change the inage at the top right to a picture of me like you have on your site here?

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