WordPress – Can’t Automatically Upgrade to New Versions?

wpSo, another security fix comes out for WordPress…2.8.6 this time.  And I begin making the rounds to my sites upgrading.  This is now a ritual for me since some kind hacker hacked me with the 2.7 hidden admin user exploit.  Everything is going smooth…I’ve done 3 sites, when I get to a new site I’m working on, and it will not automatically upgrade for anything.

Symptom: Upgrade WordPress Automatically gets Hung

The symptoms here are that after clicking the Upgrade now link and then Upgrade Automatically, it goes through and faithfully uploads the new WordPress files from WordPress.org, but then it stops!  I’m stuck at the Uploading files message. 

Solution: You’ve gotta be on PHP5 (or at least some later version than my hosts version of 4)

I found a Google post that recommended deactivating all plugins…no luck 🙁

I’m deleting folders and checking permissions…everything I can think of.  I had the same problem last week when I upgraded to 2.8.5 and I don’t want this to be an ongoing issue.

This site is on the same server that 2 other sites upgraded perfectly on, mind you.

phpThen, some synapse fires and I think…hmmm….htaccess…PHP 4….hmmm.

My host defaults to PHP 4 by default.  You have to include a cryptic little line in your .htaccess file to get it to use PHP 5: 

AddType x-mapp-php5 .php

This is a new site and I forgot to do that…once added, the automatic WordPress upgrade works like a charm.

Your host may have a setting in the Admin panel or some other means of designating to use PHP5 instead of 4.  If you’re reading this, I hope this is your problem, simply because it’s easy to fix!

Mystery solved.  Hope it helps!


One Response to WordPress – Can’t Automatically Upgrade to New Versions?

  1. poisoner July 30, 2010 at 8:16 am #

    Hey Byron,
    Just found this post & it solved my problem (I have a few wordpress sites) & just wanted to say thanks.

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