WordPress 2.3 “Dexter” Rocks

A brief note to any of you WordPress bloggers out there who have not upgraded to 2.3 (read about the goodies and get download link here). You should run, not walk, to the nearest download center and upgrade your blogs. I haven’t spent a lot of time kicking the tires on all of the features, but I can tell you that Automattic has definitely improved the speed in this release.

It used to pain me to click the Write tab to begin a new post because it was so slow. This and all of the other admin features that I use are drastically faster.

Highlights include:

  • More of the TinyMCE rich text editor’s features are available
  • Tagging is natively supported
  • Speed speed speed
  • Multi-author blog features
  • Souped up canonical urls

Cheers to WordPress! Thanks for making our lives a good deal better!


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