The American Dream

This post departs from WhyPad’s usual fare, but when history is being made, you must wade into the river before it passes you by.

Today, America and the world stand  together in the midst of economic, political, and social ruin.  It would be unfair to blame this on any one person, nation, religion, or lack thereof.  We are all culpable to some extent, and it will take all of us to turn back this dark tide.  But also today, here in the midst of this dark time, America is holding out the epitome of the American dream with the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th president.

There are those who think Barack Obama will save the world, and that’s not hyperbole.  But to lay that expectation at his feet is just as unfair as saying that the current crises were caused by one man.  President Obama represents hope, not because he has the answers or power to do what must be done.  He represents hope because he represents the collective will of the American people to do what is right.  Anyone of us who abdicates his duty to do what is right in the time of need is abdicating his right to be American.  For where there is freedom, there is responsibility.

Let us hope that our leaders can rise above the political exigencies of re-elections and special interests and the myriad other temptations of political life, and rather follow the examples of men and women like those detailed in John F. Kennedy’s, Profiles in Courage.

Let us stand together with the world to ensure that the American Dream is not just America’s dream, or Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream, or my dream, or your dream, but that it is a dream for all peoples of the world.

May God bless Barack Obama.  May God bless America.  And may God bless the world, for we are truly citizens together, linked in ways we barely can imagine.


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