SAP – How to Block a Profit Center from Posting

Blocking a Profit Center from posting in SAP should be easy, right?  Well, it is, but there is one little trick you need to know, or you will spend hours trying to figure out why you can still post to your supposedly blocked profit center.

ke52Here is the step-by-step:

  1. Go to T-code KE52 and call up your profit center
  2. Go to the Indicators tab and put a check in the Lock indicator
  3. Save
    • Note that this will save your changes in an Inactive Status. You may be thinking that is a good thing and that you’re done…I was.  But you’re not.  If you go to FB50 or 9KE0 and try to post to that profit center, it will let you post away all day long.  One more step.
  4. Click the Match stick button to Activate your new state: activate_icon

Do not mess with the Validity periods unless you’ve got a good reason to.  The real key here is setting the Lock indicator and making sure that is Active.  Think of it as Actively locking your profit center 😉 .




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