SAP-FICO: Company Codes and the Chart of Accounts

ConfigurationThough you can have multiple Charts of Accounts in SAP, company codes are assigned to only one chart of accounts. This is done in configuration (SPRO) (T-code: OB62 – Assign Company Code -> Chart of Accounts).

T-Code for Chart of Accounts

  • T-code: F.10 – Chart of Accounts
    Report of accounts in a chart of accounts. Lots of ways to limit your results, but can’t limit by Company Code! You will definitely want to limit by chart of accounts.
  • T-code: OB62 – Assign Company Code -> Chart of Accounts
    SAP: OBY2
  • T-code: OBY2 – Copy Company Code: G/L Accounts
    When creating a new Company Code, just assigning it to a chart of accounts in OB62 doesn’t automatically create those accounts for the new company code. I.e. you won’t be able to post any entries until you’ve created the accounts for the company code. OBY2 lets you copy all of the accounts that were created for another company code to your new one.
  • GL Postings are assigned to only 1 company code
    You can do “cross-company code” postings (i.e. DR CoCde A and CR CoCde B), but SAP will automatically generate the off-setting entries within each company code so that their books stay in balance (debits = credits). There is config around Intra-company postings to determine where you want those offsets to go.
  • T-code: FS00 – Edit G/L Account Centrally
    This is usually the preferred t-code for manually creating GL Accounts since it allows you to create both the chart of accounts piece and the company code pieces.
  • In FS00, you may need to create an account for multiple company codes. This can be done by changing the CoCde and using the “Create with reference button” in FS00.
    SAP: FS00
  • T-code: FSS0 – Edit Accounts in Company Code
    FSS0 allows you to edit just the Company Code (CoCde) portion of the GL Account.
  • T-code: FSP0 – Edit Account in Chart of Accounts
    FSP0 allows you to edit just the Chart of Accounts portion of the GL Account.
  • T-code: CX16 – Consolidation Chart of Accounts – Hierarchy Display
    CX16 allows you to create/edit financial statement items (FS Items) and their hierarchy for the Consolidated Chart of Accounts used in the EC-CS consolidation system.
    SAP: CX16

If you’ve got other favorites, let me know and I’ll add them!!

7 Responses to SAP-FICO: Company Codes and the Chart of Accounts

  1. Datta January 27, 2010 at 5:12 am #

    Hi Byron,

    Please let me know the set up required to do payments from a bank in one company code with say, GBP as local currency on behalf of another company code where EUR is the local currency.
    regards/ Datta

  2. Byron Bennett January 27, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    Hi Datta,

    Sorry, I’m not familiar with that process.


  3. Consol Data March 25, 2010 at 8:19 am #


    the Org i am setting up for has 10 subsidiaries and only 2 have SAP running using separate systems set up at differnt times. Now i am setting up FICO and Consolidation for the holding company only and it will be a separate system with no relationship with the 2 earlier mentioned . Consolidation requirements are that there shoudl be able to report on sub groups e.g financials group comprised of investments in 3 financial institutions .How will my org structure look like ??
    Should i only create one company code holding company ..and is it the same company code that will be used as the parent company in order to facilitate consolidation how many company codes must i create if all subsiaries are not on SAP? The Holding company Code also transact but to a limited extent..

    8 other subsiadiaries are not on SAP what mehods data upload should i use .. Roll up ?? Flexible upload

  4. LAXMIKANT April 14, 2010 at 11:47 pm #


    I am Laxmikant i m new in SAP
    now i am working in india
    as a accounts officer in NSPL leading agriculture company
    so give some SD & FICO Chart of working


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