SAP-FICO: 6 Steps for Deleting Recurring Entries

SAP - Delete Reference documentsRecurring entry documents in SAP can be tricky. Setting them up, figuring out the intervals, stopping them…you can easily get lost. Here is the 2 part process, a total of 6 steps, for deleting documents that you’ve already got set up.

Part 1 is to set the delete indicator in the recurring entry data section of your document. Part 2 is to run the delete reference documents program.

  1. Goto “Change Recurring Document” – T-code: FBD2
  2. Enter the document number and hit enter. You should now see your entry like this:
    SAP - FBD2
  3. Next, click the Document Header button…see the hat icon above
  4. In the document header, select Goto/Recurring entry data:
    SAP-Recurring Entry Document Header screenshot
  5. Click the Delete indicator checkbox and save it:
    SAP - FBD2 Recurring entry data screenshot
  6. Run the Delete Reference Documents program in F.56 enter your Company Code, Document # or range, Fiscal Year, uncheck Test (if you’re ready), and Execute!
    SAP - Delete Reference documents

You should get a report back showing what was deleted or what could be deleted (if you left Test checked). If you don’t see anything, you one of the following may be going on:

  1. Wrong fiscal year, document number, or company code
  2. Delete indicator not set properly in FBD2
  3. It’s already deleted!

That’s it. Happy deletions!

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