SAP: F111 Payment Request Error – Inconsistent Tables

In testing out my Fedwire configuration, I ran into a situation where I needed to switch the clearing account from the normal bank clearing to a Wire Clearing account. I made this change to the Payment Method in transaction FBZP by changing the Bank Sub-Account to the Wire Clearing GL account. After I did this, I ran another test payment request through RVND (Free Form version) and got the error message: “Database tables T042I and T042Y are not consistent”.


If you run into this error, you can go into t-code F8BF ‘Change View “Account Determination for G/L Account Payments”: Overview’ and make this match up with the account you set in FBZP. You can see the values in the tables through SE16, but the t-codes you need are:

FBZP and F8BF.

Hope that helps!


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