PHP: Using Switch to test Multiple Conditions

Ok, so maybe this is common knowledge, but I still felt a little clever when I figured out this trick.  The situation was that I wanted to test a bunch of different conditions to figure out which time category a date falls into.  It would be fairly simple to do with a bunch of if…then…else’s, but really ugly.  Here’s the trick I came up with…use switch(true), and then set up your cases to evaluate to true or false. Here’s some example code:

$mymd = date('Ymd', $row->date_due);
$tymd = date('Ymd');  //Today

switch (true) {
	case $mymd == $tymd :
		$ind = "today";
	case $mymd < $tymd :
		$ind = "overdue";
	case $mymd < ($tymd + (6 - date('w'))) :
		$ind = "restofweek";
	default :
		$ind = (int) date('Ym',$row['duedate']);		


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