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While this is not a Metal Detecting blog, I do capture my iPhone exploits here, so this is mostly relevant ūüėČ

I’ve just released my 5th iPhone app, and the one that I am most excited about. ¬†I’m probably always excited about the newest one, but this one really solves a specific set of needs for a very specific set of people.

Allow me to introduce Coinshooter for iOS. ¬†The iPhone version is already live and I’m working on the Universal version. ¬†Coinshooter makes it easy (and a lot of fun) to track your hunting locations and finds. ¬† The Coinshooter app provides tools for organizing locations and finds, researching locations and finds, mapping and photographing them, sharing them via email, tweeting and emailing your Find and Location images, etc.

I hope that Coinshooter will make a great companion for coin and relic hunters.  While it has features that are pretty specific to metal detecting, such as recording the metal detectors target ID or visual display id, it is useful for any application that you want to track the specific coordinates of many targets at specific locations.


Check out the YouTube video at or check out the app on the Apple App store.


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