Excel: Scatter chart with Stoplights

Excel Stoplight Chart screenshotMy friend Peter strikes again. This time, it’s a very cool take on the scatter chart. Using the Offset function in Excel, you can create a chart that gives you the stoplight dashboard effect. The math behind this is a bit tricky, but it’s all right there in the Excel formulas. Like the scrolling graph demo, this one doesn’t require any macros. I’ve included a demo file zipped up: Excel Stoplight Chart Demo

As with any Excel workbooks that you download from the web…don’t enable the macros until you’re 100% sure they are safe. This book shouldn’t have any macros, so Excel shouldn’t even ask if you want to enable them. Surf safe!!!!

This is a “simple” example. Excel powerusers should be able to reverse engineer it without too much trouble. If I can find the tutorial on the web, I’ll link it here.

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