Excel: Create Scrolling Charts

Excel: Scrolling chart screenshotMy friend Peter showed me a very cool method of creating a graph or chart that lets you scroll through the time periods (or your x-axis) using a scroll bar. It involves setting up a few defined ranges containing formulas and using a scroll bar to control the starting point of your x-axis. You configure your graph to use named ranges as the sources for your data series. These ranges contain formulas.

Here is an example excel spreadsheet: Excel Scrolling Graph demo. I’ve zipped the spreadsheet and also made sure that it doesn’t contain any macros. You probably know this, but you should never enable macros (VBA) in workbooks that you download from the web unless you 100% trust your source. This trick doesn’t use macros or VBA, so if you get Excel asking you to enable them, don’t!

Here is a very detailed article explaning of how to make scrolling chart magic!


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