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SAP: F110 Problem – Company Codes #/# do not Appear in Proposal

In SAP, T-code F110 allows to you process Payment Proposals and Payment Runs. Sometimes you might come across the error message “Company codes ####/#### do not appear in proposal [date] [proposal ID]; correct”. This basically means that the Proposal run isn’t finding any invoices that can be paid. In some cases, you may not get […]

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jQuery Forms Plugin: Unsupported Property or Method Error

Another minor headache with the jQuery Forms plugin and WordPress.  I’m trying to do this WordPress Plugin right, using the standard WP way of Ajax where you target “wp-admin/admin-ajax.php” and hook into the Ajax features with a hidden field named “action” from your form that tells WP what the hook name you’re trying to call. […]

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SAP Configuration Tip: Search for Objects in Transports

Another quick tip for SAP Configurators (the old dogs will probably know this already, but noobs like me might appreciate it). You can search for various objects in transports as follows: Go to the Transport Organizer (T-code: SE10) Click Goto > Objects in Requests Now, you have to know the Object Name and Object Type […]

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SAP – Compare Configuration Between Systems

With SAP, you can easily compare configuration between different systems. Most configurators probably know that, but put this one in the “you learn something every day” column, at least for me. I was recently trying to determine if there were any differences between our QA and Development systems in some configuration for Electronic Banking, when […]

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SAP – Standard Treasury and Payables T-codes

As I get deeper into SAP Treasury and Payables, my t-code repertoire is expanding. On this page, I’m going to capture some of the basics. You may ask, “Why not on an internal wiki?” Well, while I capture similar info there, I find this faster to access…don’t have to login and 5 or 6 fewer […]

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