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Coinshooter – iPhone App for Metal Detecting

While this is not a Metal Detecting blog, I do capture my iPhone exploits here, so this is mostly relevant ūüėČ I’ve just released my 5th iPhone app, and the one that I am most excited about. ¬†I’m probably always excited about the newest one, but this one really solves a specific set of needs […]

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So long, and thanks for all the Search!

Google has announced iGoogle’s demise. ¬†iGoogle and the excellent, unified search/address bar in Chrome were the two primary ways I interacted with Google. ¬†Google even gave me a friendly note¬†on my iGoogle page about the November 1, 2013 doomsday, advising me to pack my bags early and be on my way to greener pastures. Why, […]

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C# / VSTO – Using Excel Ranges

Using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) with Excel lets you use C# (or your other favorite .NET language to leverage the power of Excel. But you will have to learn how the syntax for the Excel object model as opposed to just using VBA syntax. This post shows you how to use Excel ranges […]

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SAP – AUTH – How to Find Users who have Access to a T-code

In the Business Analyst role in an SAP shop, it may be helpful to know what Roles or Users have access to a particular transaction code. ¬†Here’s a little tip that lets you do all sorts of queries about the authorizations in your SAP system. Use T-code: ¬†AUTH to Access “Infosystem Authorizations” Menu To get […]

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iOS – FMDB is THE End to Your SQLite Nightmares

When you’re writing apps for iPad or iPhone, you’ve got a couple of options for you database solutions. ¬†By far the best options (if it fits your app’s data needs) is Apple’s own Core Data which can use SQLite as it’s database store. ¬†Core Data¬†is fast, efficient, an object store, and provides some great integration […]

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