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SAP vs. Oracle – Game On!

Everybody Loves a Game With Oracle’s ongoing series of high profile acquisitions, including PeopleSoft/JD Edwards, Siebel, and now Hyperion and Agile Software (product life-cycle management – PLM) amongst others, it is tempting to speculate that SAP would be gearing up to unleash some of its $3.1B cash horde (as of 12/2006) on some big buys […]

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Excel: Scrolling chart screenshot

Excel: Create Scrolling Charts

My friend Peter showed me a very cool method of creating a graph or chart that lets you scroll through the time periods (or your x-axis) using a scroll bar. It involves setting up a few defined ranges containing formulas and using a scroll bar to control the starting point of your x-axis. You configure […]

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Automated Functional Testing Tools – Evaluation Guide

Automated Testing The lure of automated testing in software design is obvious if you’ve ever done any testing. With automated tools, you can create dozens of test scenarios and run them as many times as required by basically just pushing a button (as long as you’ve set everything up right 🙂 ). A good tool […]

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Screenshot of Excel Uploader

SAP FICO: Uploading GL Journal Entries the Easy Way

Attention SAP Accountants! There is one thing that SAP does not do very well – maybe you can think of more than one 😉 . But if you’ve spent any time trying to manually enter a long Journal Entry in FB50 or F-02 (etc), you know that SAP is woefully lacking in the ability to […]

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Update Windows Vista Drivers on MacBook – Boot Camp 1.2

I don’t want to say that my life is now complete, but Apple has certainly made my month. I updated my MacBook Pro with the new version of Boot Camp, and now my Windows Vista installation is working perfectly! Apple, yesterday, updated its beta of Boot Camp to include support for Windows Vista. Boot Camp […]

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Add Profit Center Hierarchies to BI-BW

If you’re trying to get profit center hierarchies (as seen in T-code: KCH3 ) into BI-BW, there is help. There are several discussions over at the SAP Developer Network talking about how to add Profit Center hierarchies to SAP BI-BW. This is something that we are going through with our system right now. So, we’re […]

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Listening to: Getting Things Done (GTD)

Maybe I’m the last person on the planet to read/listen to David Allen’s Getting Things Done, but it’s about time! So…here’s the cheat sheet (my distillation of the Wikipedia article) : 2 Minute Rule New task comes in…if it can be done in less than 2 minutes, just DO IT! Core Principles Collect Capture everything […]

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SAP FICO: 9KE0 – Postings to Profit Centers

Not all SAP journal entries are created equal. F-02 type entries (including F-04, F-30, FBD1, FB50, FB60, FB70, etc, etc) make postings to the General Ledger and all of the other special ledgers that need updating, including Profit Center Accounting (PCA), Cost Center Accounting, and Profitability Analysis (CO-PA). But what if you only want to […]

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