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Radio Buttons not Showing Checked in FireFox

In the process of building a WordPress plugin that I’m sure will sweep the nation 😉 , I came across a really annoying FireFox bug with Radio Buttons.  The problem is that if you two groups of Radio Buttons (say 3 buttons in each group) and you set one button as Checked in each group, sometimes, […]

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PhotoSmash Galleries WordPress Plugin Released

UPDATE:  7/12/2009 -PhotoSmash 0.3 has been released.  Its new homepage is just getting started, so you might need to browse below if you don’t find what you looking for over at Smashly.net.  Thanks for your patience! Release Candidate 2 version 0.2.996 (RC3 for 0.3.00) now available at WordPress. Final Release Candidate before going public with […]

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PHP: Using Switch to test Multiple Conditions

Ok, so maybe this is common knowledge, but I still felt a little clever when I figured out this trick.  The situation was that I wanted to test a bunch of different conditions to figure out which time category a date falls into.  It would be fairly simple to do with a bunch of if…then…else’s, […]

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