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SAP – AUTH – How to Find Users who have Access to a T-code

In the Business Analyst role in an SAP shop, it may be helpful to know what Roles or Users have access to a particular transaction code.  Here’s a little tip that lets you do all sorts of queries about the authorizations in your SAP system. Use T-code:  AUTH to Access “Infosystem Authorizations” Menu To get […]

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SAP: F110 Problem – Company Codes #/# do not Appear in Proposal

In SAP, T-code F110 allows to you process Payment Proposals and Payment Runs. Sometimes you might come across the error message “Company codes ####/#### do not appear in proposal [date] [proposal ID]; correct”. This basically means that the Proposal run isn’t finding any invoices that can be paid. In some cases, you may not get […]

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SAP Configuration Tip: Search for Objects in Transports

Another quick tip for SAP Configurators (the old dogs will probably know this already, but noobs like me might appreciate it). You can search for various objects in transports as follows: Go to the Transport Organizer (T-code: SE10) Click Goto > Objects in Requests Now, you have to know the Object Name and Object Type […]

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SAP – Compare Configuration Between Systems

With SAP, you can easily compare configuration between different systems. Most configurators probably know that, but put this one in the “you learn something every day” column, at least for me. I was recently trying to determine if there were any differences between our QA and Development systems in some configuration for Electronic Banking, when […]

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SAP: F111 Payment Request Error – Inconsistent Tables

In testing out my Fedwire configuration, I ran into a situation where I needed to switch the clearing account from the normal bank clearing to a Wire Clearing account. I made this change to the Payment Method in transaction FBZP by changing the Bank Sub-Account to the Wire Clearing GL account. After I did this, […]

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SAP – SE93 – Gets You Details on T-codes

In SAP, you can use transaction SE93 – Display Dialog Transaction – to display some additional details on T-codes, including the Program Name and Authorization Object. Of course, you can usually see the Program name by clicking on the info icon at the bottom right of your SAP screen, as shown here: But by using […]

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SAP – Treasury Management T-Codes

In going through our SAP Treasury Management Workstation implementation project we’re building a list of important Treasury Management T-codes.  I’m putting these down so I don’t forget them, so this isn’t a how-to (maybe later 😉 ): FF.5 – Upload Electronic Bank Statements Use FF.5 to upload electronic bank statements.  You can upload your Prior Day […]

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SAP Account Determination

I saw this book, “SAP Account Determination”, by Manish Patel, on the desk of one of my colleagues at work. My first reaction was, “Wow! A book on account determination…I mean, wow!” Her simple reply was, “I use it all the time.” So, I thought I would share it here since many of you are […]

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SAP – How to Block a Profit Center from Posting

Blocking a Profit Center from posting in SAP should be easy, right?  Well, it is, but there is one little trick you need to know, or you will spend hours trying to figure out why you can still post to your supposedly blocked profit center. Here is the step-by-step: Go to T-code KE52 and call […]

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