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Excel Interop: Move a Worksheet

Excel Interop: Move a Worksheet

Howdy! I spent an hour or so trying to figure this one out. Hope this helps someone. I am using Excel Interop with C#, and have a method that calls the .Move(Before, After) function on a Worksheet. I was trying to move a sheet to the end, and was using this code: mySheet.Move(null, myWorkbook.Worksheets[myWorkbook.Worksheets.Count]) I […]

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C# / VSTO – Using Excel Ranges

Using Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) with Excel lets you use C# (or your other favorite .NET language to leverage the power of Excel. But you will have to learn how the syntax for the Excel object model as opposed to just using VBA syntax. This post shows you how to use Excel ranges […]

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