Where to Buy SharePoint Tools

There are a lot of Microsoft SharePoint tool providers out there, but finding them can be difficult!  Which is completely counter-intuitive.  You’d think finding people who want to sell you some SharePoint stuff would be really easy.  Well, it is if you know their names.

I’ve been searching for some web part and Sharepoint app tools that will enable me to put together a relatively complex business process (a Marketing Fund management application), and keeping track of the vendors has been a challenge.  So, I’m putting together this list of vendors to help me find them in the future, and maybe help you too.

List of SharePoint Tool Vendors

bamboo Bamboo Solutions provides a wide range of Web Parts, project management and workflow tools.  I’m particularly interested in their Column-level permissions tool.


office-store The Microsoft Office Store for SharePoint should be one of the first places you stop to look for Apps for SharePoint.  SharePoint 2013’s app model makes it very easy to add apps from their store.  These work if you’re an On-premise shop as well, but IT has to have configured your farm to use apps.

kwizcom KWizCom makes web parts and apps in a similar vein as Bamboo.  They have a number of competing products as well.  I can’t recommend one over the other as I haven’t used either…I’m still in the research phase.


crow Crow Canyon Systems makes a variety of full blown applications for SharePoint like IT Help Desk, Equipment Tracking, and Contract Management.  They also sell some individual components/web parts.

There are lots of others and I’ll keep adding.  Here are some of the more targeted product vendors:

  • Nintex – Workflow and forms automation
  • K2 – Workflow with forms and data
  • AgilePoint – Forms and Apps platform that leverages SharePoint

This just scratches the surface.  Please let me know what others should be listed.



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