So long, and thanks for all the Search!

Google has announced iGoogle’s demise.  iGoogle and the excellent, unified search/address bar in Chrome were the two primary ways I interacted with Google.  Google even gave me a friendly note on my iGoogle page about the November 1, 2013 doomsday, advising me to pack my bags early and be on my way to greener pastures.

Why, oh why?

Did I not click enough ads?  Did I not visit enough paid positioned sites?  What did I do?  Or not do, as the case may be?

I visit iGoogle upwards of 20-30 times a day.  Maybe checking the stock market, Wall St. Journal, TechCrunch, and on and on, was eating up too much server power for too little click throughs.

My bad!

Thankfully, all is not lost.  Safari is slated to bring a unified search/address bar with it in the next rendition, and I hear that Bing pumps out some decent search results.  And as Google says in their explanation, my iPhone and iPad can provide news readers.  Apple is even bringing out a new Map service.  I was happy with iGoogle and Chrome, but alas, the feeling apparently wasn’t mutual.  Will it be possible to actually live in a world without Google?  If this is their way of testing the proposition, it’s a sick joke, and I wish it had never been told.

Well, Google, it was great while it lasted.  So long. And thanks for all the Search!


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