Simple Yet Amazing Video – Noah Kalina Picture a Day

Noah Kalina put out a video on YouTube, showing a picture of himself each day from January 2000 through July 2006. That’s over 2,000 pictures. The result is strangely compelling. The music drives you forward.

I won’t ruin it for you, but as I watched his hair change and the circles under his eyes grow over the six years, I found myself pulling for him. I didn’t want to see him get old or grow weary. Watch it for yourself and see how you are moved.

My wife and I tried to take a picture each week when we were pregnant with our first son, also named Noah. We didn’t do such a great job, but it would be fun to put the photos together to see the progression.

TechCrunch has a write-up of the new FlickADay site/service that lets you take photos of yourself via webcam or by camera. It will generate a similar video for you. I want to try this. I usually take my iSight enabled MacBook Pro to work, so it’s possible.

I’m going to try posting the embedded video by Noah. Here’s hoping:

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