SharePoint 2013 – Following a Site Does not give Notifications

In SharePoint, that Follow site button, is not a Follow Everything button. But we need one!

So, what exactly does following a Site in SharePoint 2013 do?

One of the most misleading things in SharePoint 2013 is the Follow button! In Social Media, if you follow someone or something, you get all sorts of notifications and alerts whenever that person does something online. “Hey, Sofie just took a Selfie!” “Liam just liked Fuzzy Feet Dog Park.” “Charlie just checked in at Fat Tito’s Rolling Taco Emporium.”

On SharePoint, if you follow a site and people start adding items to lists , uploading images, creating pages, changing content, all you hear is crickets. No emails, no alerts, no Newsfeed items. The site might be a hornets nest of activity, but by Following the site, you wouldn’t know it. So, here’s the scoop.

– Following the site adds it to your “Sites” page: 


– You also get updates in your Newsfeed IF somebody posts something on the Site’s Newsfeed

To get Notifications / Alerts on content, here’s what you need to do:

  1. If it is a List or Library, go to its page by clicking on its Title
  2. There, you should see a tab for List or Library like so:list
  3. Click that
  4. Click Alert Me, then “Set alert on this List”


You’ll need to do that for ALL of the Lists, Libraries, or Documents you want to get alerts on. If anyone knows of an Easy Button that will give you alerts on everything that happens, please let us know. Otherwise…Dear Microsoft, please give us a button that will set an alert for any changes on a Site, including it’s lists and libraries.


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