SAP: What’s Next for BPC?

In a comment on another post, Ivan pointed out an excellent/authoritative blog post on SAP’s SDN by Ryan Leask (SAP) on the plan for BPC (Business Planning and Consolidations).  I highly recommend reading his post as it is chock full of all the answers to the questions you’ve been asking about BPC.

In addition, here is the link to SAP’s official Statement of Direction for its planning tools.

Here are the highlights of Ryan’s post (please see the full post here):

  1. Ryan says that the simple answer on BPC is: “SAP recommends all new planning implementations use SAP BPC.”
  2. BI-IP will be supported in its current form until 2013…this confirms everything I’ve seen or read.  BPC is intended as the long-term go-forward product.  SAP will continue to build upon BI-IP as a “planning engine” rather than a planning interface/toolset.
  3. BPC will be released using 2 different technology stack options:  BI Netweaver based; Microsoft SQL Server based.  The Netweaver based option will leverage many of the technologies and features found in BI-IP as well as the broader Netweaver stack.
  4. BPC will not be a mere front-end to BI-IP.  It is intended to be a complete planning solution.
  5. Ryan addresses BPC scalability concerns, saying that this has not been a legitimate issue, even utilizing SQL Server technology (SSIS) – the caveat being that this is true when BPC is used as a Performance Management tool.  Under the Netweaver stack, BPC will inherit the scalability of that technology.  BI Accelerator support is planned, further enhancing scalability.
  6. SAP is evaluating the possibility of creating migration tools from BI-IP or BPS to BPC.  This didn’t sound promising, but they are looking at it.

Thanks again to Ivan for pointing us to the treasure trove of information.

Happy planning!




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