SAP Travel Mgmt: Web Dynpro – ABAP or Java?

ABAP or Java?If you’re starting to look at SAP Travel Management, a question you’ll likely face is whether to customize your Portal portion using Web Dynpro for Java or Web Dynpro for ABAP. With the introduction of the Java stack in Netweaver 7, you’d think that Java was the logical go-forward platform, but this is not the case with Travel. We are implementing Travel at my company, and have heard from several sources, including SAP, that future development in Travel will be strictly Web Dynpro for ABAP.

This may cause a bit of consternation if you, like us, had tooled your Portal team with Java gurus. Perhaps SAP were thinking that most shops have plenty (hah!) of ABAP resources, so they might drive more adoption by utilizing them with Travel. Another possible reason for the ABAP only decision might be that there would be significant interaction required with the core SAP system, and therefore ABAPpers would feel more at home.

The problem that we have is that most of our ABAPpers have little web experience and our Java/Portal people have little ABAP experience. There are 4 exits from this quandry:

  1. You still have the option to go with Web Dynpro for Java, but you will not be able to get enhancements down the road and a future upgrade might be problematic
  2. Your ABAP resources will need to become Portal experts….a new breed of ABAPper called a PortABAPper
  3. Your Portal/Java resources will need to take up ABAP, becoming JABAPpers
  4. Close your eyes, do a Hail Mary and hire a consultant (Note: the Hail Mary is not because you might regret the consultant, but because you might regret not having the in-house expertise when it’s over.)

The silver lining? There’s nothing like the opportunity to learn something new.

2 Responses to SAP Travel Mgmt: Web Dynpro – ABAP or Java?

  1. WDA July 29, 2009 at 4:56 am #

    Like ITS, IAC, DCOM, Business Connector, BSP, PCUI, the WDJ will fade and go away. WDA is here which doesn’t need RFC or NWDI. For full blown web application, CRM/R3 Ecommerce application which uses full MVC2 J2EE technology which can also be used for custom application using JCO.

  2. george September 26, 2010 at 4:54 am #

    Well…although I agree with most of the above ..each one can have their own opinion..
    WD 4 A is better for travel management
    but it definitely makes one think …its good to see people collaborating and sharing their thoughts with others and trying to participate in discussions…we need to encourage this spirit.

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