SAP: FICO – Copy an old journal entry (post with reference)

SAP makes it easy to create and post a Journal Entry that you can base off of a previously posted document. If you don’t need to set up a full blown Recurring Entry(or you don’t have access to FBD1 – Recurring document), you can easily copy a previously posted document in FB50. SAP gives you several options for what info you’re going to use from the previous document including:

  • Generate reverse posting – will flip the signs on all the lines of the old document
  • Enter G/L account items
  • Do not propose amounts – gives you just the accounts…no amounts
  • Recalculate days and percentages – recalculates the payment terms instead of using the payment terms as calculated on the original document…probably want to do this if you’re posting a new invoice…maybe not if you’re reposting an old one
  • Display line items – using this will make you go through each line item instead of copying them all in at once (actually just 100 lines at a time)
  • Copy texts – will copy long text as well
  • Transfer functional areas

How to do it:

  1. In FB03 or where ever, copy the original document # you’re wanting to copy
  2. Go to FB50
  3. In very top menu bar, Goto/Post with reference or Shift-F9
  4. Paste or type your document number into the Document number field
  5. Enter your Company code for the Original posting
  6. Enter Fiscal year for Original posting (this is because some companies use FY dependent document numbering)
  7. Select any of the options from the Flow control check boxes…usually don’t need to select any if you’re just doing a simple copy of the old doc
  8. Hit enter…this takes you to an F-02 entry screen with some document header info
  9. Keep hitting enter (or making adjustments if you selected Display line items) until all rows are copied
  10. You can make any changes as necessary, just like in F-02
  11. Make sure you’ve got the right posting date and FY
  12. Click save to post

Very useful, particularly if you get yourself into an error loop of post-reverse-post-reverse.

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