SAP: PCA Roll-forward Problem with 1KE8 Doc Transfers

Caution!We ran into a little problem while doing document transfers from General Ledger to Profit Center Accounting using t-code: 1KE8. In 2007, we added a new account to PCA through customizing t-code: 3KEH (read more here). To catch the balance in the account up, we used 1KE8 to transfer the Financial Documents to PCA, having the Reversal box checked to prevent the balances in the offsetting accounts on those documents from being duplicated.

With some serious twangs of guilt and dread, we even went back into December of 2006 to pull in the documents that marked the very first postings to that account. To our relief, it seemed to have worked like a charm…12/2006 balances were perfect, the docs for 1/2007 – 6/2007 all came over just fine. But when we checked the balance in the offsetting accounts, something had gone badly wrong.

Checking the PCA balances against GL revealed that the 12/2006 balance was fine, as were the individual month balances. The problem was that the Beginning Balance (period 0) was doubled. Evidently, the reversal document in 12/2006 didn’t get rolled forward. This could have been because of some setting in OKP1 – Change Period Lock (for PCA), or might just be a bug, we’re not sure.  Correction:  OKP1 does not lock PCA…it only locks CO.  We haven’t found a good way to lock PCA.


Luckily, the solution was simple…just rerun 2KES – Carry Forward of Balances (for PCA). After this, everything was back to normal. Beginning balances were perfect, crisis averted.

Wish they were all that simple.

4 Responses to SAP: PCA Roll-forward Problem with 1KE8 Doc Transfers

  1. JohnnyPhoenix August 4, 2007 at 11:49 am #

    Hey Byron:

    been new to SAP fi/co I have a question regarding G/L’s.
    What does it mean to have an item open?


  2. Frank Florian March 6, 2008 at 5:46 am #

    Dear Byron,

    I am new to the CO module, I have a problem after running KE5T I noticed that some balnces where out of balance with the PCA Ledger. When I lokked at the individual accounts I noticed that some FI documents some how got posted twice in PCA. When I looked in FBL3N the FI posting was fine only one entry.

    Any idea as to how documents can be posted twice in PCA?

    and what will be the best solution to fix it all at once?

    Frank Floruan

  3. byron March 6, 2008 at 10:06 am #

    Hi Frank,
    Figuring out where the duplicate postings came from can be tricky. It is possible that an allocation was posted twice without reversing the original, but that wouldn’t be true if it came from an FI posting. You can view the PCA doc in 9KE9. That may be of some use.
    As for how to correct this, I have a post on making PCA only entries: this one is about the basics of 9KE0 –
    It also deals with making one-sided entries if that becomes necessary.
    I would love to know if you figure out what caused the duplicate posting. I’ve seen some unexplained things before, and it is hard to let them go…and maybe we really shouldn’t 😉


  4. Byron April 14, 2008 at 9:04 pm #

    Dear Byron,

    I found out what the problem was that someone ran 1KE8 wide open at month end creating duplicate entries, I fixed the problem by running 1KE8 selecting the Reversal and it acuatlly reverse one of the documents problem was solved.

    I have another problem, In fixing this exercise I realized that the begining balances were not there, but when I posted the document via 1KE8 it created doubled entries it looks like in some cases triple. How do I reverse that? or will it get fixed just by re running 2KES balance forward for PCA? don’t I have to reverse the document I posted via 1KE8 first before I run 2KES? I saw teh article but not sure if they missed listing a step.

    I also realized that I posted some other documents that were settlements in the fixed assets, I posted an FI douments via 1KE8, but in returned it posted the settlement documents. I am confused in how to reverse those. I tried reversing the settlement document via 1KE8 but what I get is a debit-credit and another debit, its like if the reversal button didn’t do anything. It reverses it but still I see an entry.


    When I run KE5Z 1st I see:

    one balance let’s say debit of 1,000

    When I run 1KE8 I reference the doc I want to reverse and I see

    a debit of 1,000
    a Credit of -1,000

    then another debit of 1,000

    Still did not accomplished anything, do I have to do a reversal a second time?

    Also does this updates the GLPCT table?

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