SAP – Compare Configuration Between Systems

With SAP, you can easily compare configuration between different systems. Most configurators probably know that, but put this one in the “you learn something every day” column, at least for me. I was recently trying to determine if there were any differences between our QA and Development systems in some configuration for Electronic Banking, when a colleague showed me something that should have guessed existed. Here’s how:

  1. Start in your baseline system and go to the configuration screen for which you want to compare to another box
  2. Go to Utilities / Compare (In some cases it may be: Utilities / Adjustment)
  3. Next, you’ll enter the box you want to compare to…NOTER: this is CASE SENSITIVE, so if your box is QA210, you need to make that all uppercase. Also, note that you can compare between 2 clients on the same SAP System, e.g. compare DEV110 to DEV120
  4. You can just click on through the field verification
  5. Now you should have a Comparison Overview.  Look for consecutive rows that start with ML (logon client’s entries), MR (comparison client’s), L (exists only in logon client), R (exists only in comparison client), or M (differences only in hidden fields)
  6. On a field by field basis, the differences will be color coded to show what’s different.  The legend is below:
  7. You can also display only rows that have differences by clicking the Filter icon and unchecking “Identical”. Now, you will only see rows that are different between the two systems.

Hope that comes in handy!




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