PhotoSmash Galleries WordPress Plugin Released

UPDATE:  7/12/2009 -PhotoSmash 0.3 has been released.  Its new homepage is just getting started, so you might need to browse below if you don’t find what you looking for over at  Thanks for your patience!

Release Candidate 2 version 0.2.996 (RC3 for 0.3.00) now available at WordPress.

Final Release Candidate before going public with 0.3.00!

I need to do some documentation.  Launch the new home for PhotoSmash.

Note!  This version has Sorting (only 2 choices right now – Date Uploaded – Ascending or Descending…more to come).

Going live very soon!!! I hope…

Beta Testers of 0.2.99?:

First: after uploading this version is to go to Plugin Info and run the Update Database.  If you still get a Database Warning in PhotoSmash Settings page, your database needs to be updated.

Second: note that the behavior of custom forms has changed.  Note that you no longer have to turn on Custom Form usage in PhotoSmash Settings.  You can get a custom form to work by setting it in the Gallery Settings (there is a mass update button in PhotoSmash Settings/Advanced tab/Default upload form setting – this button will update all existing galleries to use the selected custom form). Or you can use the shortcodes in your post:   [photosmash form=your_form_name]

Additional security enhancements around URL’s were made to this version.  It now utilizes WP 2.8 URL sanitizing, and remains backwards compatible with 2.7.

Beta Testers wanted! Go to the PhotoSmash Other Versions download page and download the Development version.  When you unzip, you should have version 0.2.992.  I didn’t make this 0.3.00 so you can use the automatic update feature of WP to upgrade to the Gold version.

There are tons of new features, so please beat it up and let me know what you find.  I’ve tried, kind of unsuccessfully to hide the complexity from the Plugin-n-go user of PhotoSmash, so if you have any suggestions for making the basic plugin more friendly…PLEASE let me know!

A new website,, is on its way also.  It’s just a shell right now, but it will ultimately house PhotoSmash, Supple Forms, and the Smashly WordPress community.  I want to have it ready for the PhotoSmash 0.3.00 official release…we shall see.

Thanks for your help!


Permanent Alert (posted 4/16/2009): Please note that using 0777 as a folder permission is highly discouraged (DESPITE MY RECOMMENDATIONS IN THE COMMENTS BELOW). Please note that I no longer recommend setting folder permissions to 0777, but rather the upload folders should have 0755. Version 0.2.55 includes the Plugin Info page in the admin section that helps you determine what your permissions are and will let you set them appropriately (unless SAFE MODE is on in your PHP config).

[Here begins the ORIGINAL Post]


I am pleased to announce the release of my first “real” WordPress plugin, PhotoSmash Galleries.  While there are at least a dozen photo gallery plugins available for WordPress, PhotoSmash adds something to the WordPress world that wasn’t there before (at least, I think so).  What could that possibly be? you ask.  Well, PhotoSmash makes it possible for your users to upload photos to galleries right from your Posts or Pages.

For directions in using the plugin, see the Usage section below.


Download at the PhotoSmash page on WordPress

View readme.txt
There is a demo at:


  • Produces XHTML 1.0 Transitional markup for public facing pages
  • User contributable photo galleries
  • AJAX photo uploads
  • Control who can upload images: admin only, authors & contributors (and higher), or registered users and higher
  • Moderate images uploaded by registered users (Admins and authors are automatically approved)
  • Receive email alerts for new images that need to be moderated
  • Options page for setting general defaults or specific gallery settings
  • Auto-adding of photo galleries
  • Multiple galleries per post, added using a simple tag system
  • Integrates with popular image viewing systems like Lightbox and Shadowbox
  • Tweak appearance through the included css file
  • Allows loading images to galleries by URL
  • Option to set thumbnails to crop to size or maintain aspect raito
  • Various display options for captions, including displaying the contributor’s name and website link
  • Admins can set how many images per row in the galleries (can be set by gallery)
  • Admins can set how many images per page ( 0 turns off pagination )
  • Supports Role Manager plugin with “Upload to PhotoSmash” capability (when assigned to a subscriber, they can upload to any gallery and “Photosmash ?” capability (where ? is the gallery ID…when assigned to a subscriber, they can upload to that specific gallery, regardless of the minimum upload user)
  • Option for a URL field on the upload form. Submitted URLs can be used as links for captions

Requested Features

I’ll add requested features here as people ask, so I don’t lose track:

  1. Give an option to show uploader’s name and link to website
  2. Allow image upload by URL.
  3. RSS or subscribe for notifications by email
  4. Use the on page upload to add photos to NextGen Gallery (I have no illusions about besting NextGen…I’m just aiming for fast and simple, so I don’t mind this one bit 😉 )
  5. Import photos from existing library
  6. Upload a zip file of photos
  7. Multiple photo uploads – swf uploader
  8. Need to remove the “by-reference” indicator from certain function calls in admin….causing PHP call-by-reference warning.
  9. Need to reduce the final file size from 5M to a user configurable variable in the ajax-upload.php settings…it’s letting uploaded files stay huge – slow to download with little real quality gain on screen
  10. Need to show Memory capabilities for server in the admin page.
  11. Think about breaking up the Defaults page from the Gallery Edit page….just something to consider
  12. Upload photos from Flickr or Photobucket
  13. Allow admins to set how many photos per row…use table for that
  14. Add paging to galleries, allowing admins to set # of photos per page
  15. Add CoolIris support (that thing just blows me away)
  16. Add tabs to admin pages
  17. Send email to Subscribers who upload images: 1) upload successful (maybe – they’ll see it on the gallery anyway if they’re logged in – can’t send an email otherwise) 2) image was moderated (definitely), allow admin to type brief msg or use default msg.
  18. Create special role that can be assigned to individual subscribers without turning on uploading for all subscribers
  19. Auto-resize upload (allow admin to set maximum pixel size of final images)
  20. Create watermarks from custom image.
  21. Allow creating new thumbnails to replace the originals.
  22. Add option for URL field on the upload form, with options to use URLs in captions.
  23. Latest additions widget
  24. Mashup pages by tags, contributors, latest
  25. RSS
  26. Photo-level Comments
  27. Star ratings
  28. Option for contributors to delete images
  29. Sorting
  30. Shortcode for Showing individual images
  31. Dashboard image approval box
  32. Star rating system for photos
  33. Upload files other than images (mp3, videos, documents)
  34. is there no end to the freaking list???

Soooooo….if anyone makes any enhancements to the code that they think other users might like, please let me know.

Most sites don’t need to let users upload photos, and PhotoSmash handles that requirement as well by letting you set a minimum role for uploading by gallery. If you’re simply looking to do photo galleries that only you or your authors can upload to, you’ve got lots of options in the WordPress cosmos. Where PhotoSmash differentiates there is that it lets you add images directly within your posts and pages without going to the Admin section.

Personally, I needed PhotoSmash for my CityTracs website which I’m porting over to WordPress.  I want to let users upload their photos to the destination galleries there, hence the origins of PhotoSmash. Hopefully, PhotoSmash will find its niche on the Web.


Ahhh…the screenshots: screenshot-1

Here’s a shot from the PhotoSmash options page in the Admin…when you’re actually in there, scroll down to work with individual galleries: screenshot-2

And finally a shot of the AJAX image upload box: screenshot-3

– How to Use PhotoSmash

Using PhotoSmash is extremely simple:

  1. Download PhotoSmash and unzip…you should wind up with a folder named: bwb-photosmash
  2. Upload the bwb-photosmash plugin folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  3. In the Plugins page of your WordPress Admin, activate PhotoSmash
  4. There are 3 ways to add new galleries to your posts:
    1. Under settings, go to the PhotoSmash options page and turn on Auto-adding of galleries.  You can auto-add galleries to the top of each post or the bottom of each post by changing the drop down to the correct selection.  Click Update Defaults button to save changes
    2. Also in the PhotoSmash options page, scroll down below the PhotoSmash defaults section and select New in the gallery drop down.  Fill in the details you want to use for the new gallery, and click the Save Gallery button to create the new gallery.  After the save is complete, select your new gallery from the Gallery drop down and click the Edit button to retrieve it.  The code (like [photosmash id=1] )for adding this specific gallery to any post or page will be in red beneath the Gallery drop down.  Cut and past the code anywhere you like in your posts or pages.  You can also specify multiple specific galleries within a single post or page by putting the tags with their ids in as needed.
    3. PhotoSmash can also create galleries on the fly for specific posts.  Simply enter the following code anywhere you like in posts or pages and a gallery will be automatically created:   [photosmash] The code should include everything in red, including the braces and the = sign.
  5. To add photos to your galleries, go to the post or page and click Add Photos link.  I’m not sure what the size limit is right now.  It may vary based on your php.ini settings.
  6. If you choose to let Registered users upload photos, their photos will be visible to Admins and the themselves only.  Admins will be presented with buttons for Approve or Bury.  Approve is self explanatory.  Bury simply deletes the record from the database and deletes (unlinks in PHP terms) the files from the bwbps and bwbps/thumbs/ folders in the wp-content/uploads/ folder
  7. You will receive an email alert for photos requiring moderation.  These alerts use a pseudo-cron like scheduling scheme that is triggered whenever someone views one of your blog’s pages.  You can set the alert program to check every 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 1  day, or not at all.
  8. To edit a photo’s caption, go to the PhotoSmash options page in wp-admin.  Select the desired gallery from the drop down and click Edit.  When the page comes back, the images for that gallery will show up at the bottom of the page.  There will be text boxes beneath image allowing you to edit captions.  Click save to save caption edits.  Approve buttons will be present for images needing moderation.  Delete will be available for all images.
  9. To integrate with Lightbox or Shadowbox, simply include the correct “rel” information in the Gallery specific options on the PhotoSmash options page.  You can set your general PhotoSmash default rel in PhotoSmash Defaults section so that any newly created galleries will automatically get the rel.   For Lightbox, set the rel to lightbox.  Shadowbox can use lightbox or shadowbox.  To group a galleries images together as an album for Shadowbox, use something like:  shadowbox[album] as the gallery’s rel.
  10. To prevent a post from receiving a gallery when Auto-add is activated, simply enter the following tag anywhere in the post’s content:  


  11. To use with Role Manager plugin:  the Role Manager plugin lets you give specific subscribers additional capabilities.  PhotoSmash supports these capabilities by allowing you to give users additional access to galleries that their roles do not allow (e.g. a Subscriber could upload to a gallery that is set to Admins only).  Here are the steps:
    1. Install the Role Manager Plugin (see link above)
    2. In the Users menu box in Admin, click on Capabilities
    3. Add a capability called:  Upload to PhotoSmash
    4. To assign this capability to a user, click Authors & Users
    5. Edit the user you are targeting
    6. At bottom of user profile screen, check the Upload to PhotoSmash checkbox in the Assign extra capabilities section and Save (Update) user…this user can now upload to any gallery regardless of the minimum role you have specified for those galleries.
    7. To target a specific gallery, in #3, create the capability:  Photosmash ? (where ? is the gallery ID #, e.g.  Photosmash 10 ).  You can find the gallery ID # in the Gallery Settings screen in PhotoSmash admin section.  It is the same number that is used in the shortcode that can be used to specify a gallery.  Choose this capability in #6 instead of the Upload to Photosmash capability.  Assigning both would be redundant since Upload to Photosmash gives access to all galleries.  You can assign as many specific galleries to a user as you like.
    8. To add the URL field to the upload form and use the user submitted URLs as the link for your captions, there are 2 settings needed to use feature: 1) you must turn on the field to show up in the Upload Form. Do this in PhotoSmash Settings / Gallery Defaults tab, the checkbox at the bottom of form. 2) There are 2 options in Gallery Settings and PhotoSmash Settings pages under the Viewing tab and in the Image caption style that will use the User submitted URL as the caption link…look at option #3 and the last one.
  12. Whew…that’s about it….I think.

This plugin is available through so you will be able to upgrade it with the wonderful automatic plugin upgrade feature in WP 2.7.

If you’ve got ideas, or better yet, code to make PhotoSmash better, please let us know.  Maybe somebody has ideas on how to integrate Flash gallery viewing like NextGen gallery has, or making the upload form more attractive.   Anyway, I’d love to hear from you.

Plugin Conflicts/Recommendations

  • Lightbox – there are 2 versions…one works, one doesn’t. This one does.
  • Some plugins that utilize the jquery-forms javascript code may conflict. One user found that a Chat box plugin was making continual ajax calls back to the server. This caused the PhotoSmash upload form to fire indiscriminately. You could still upload an image by selecting it and clicking submit, but you would get the 400k error for no reason. If someone has a suggestion as to how I might prevent his problem, I’m all ears…it appears to stem from common use of jquery.forms.js.
  • Flutter version .2.51 causes javascript errors in IE 6 when using Lightbox and possibly even other [?]box image viewers.  Haven’t tested with IE 7 or 8.  FF appears OK.  Check out Supple Forms for a Flutter alternative 😉

The Belated Changelog

  • 0.2.62 (4/29/2009) – Fixed url validation on uploading images. Fixed css to make gallery table 100% width. Added options for using user submitted url’s as the thumbnail links (option must be set in Gallery Settings to become effective).  Add option to make thumbnail and caption links target new windows (option is only under PhotoSmash Settings).
  • 0.2.61 (4/27/2009) Fixed manual creation of new galleries to use PhotoSmash defaults. Now using Colin Verot’s upload class version 2.7 RC2.  Previous version had a Safe Mode “feature” that was causing 400k errors.
  • New Feature: (4/26/2009) 0.2.6 URL field added to upload form. 2 options added to allow the image caption to link to those urls. See the Usage section for instructions on use.
  • 0.2.55 (4/16/2009) Added Plugin Info page in admin to assist with trouble shooting. Checks folders and tables and server info. Server info code borrowed from the immanent NextGen Gallery plugin by Alex Rabe. Change in folder permission recommendations from 0777 to 0755. Plugin Info page helps with those permissions as well.
  • 0.2.54 (4/6/2009) Fixed “delete gallery” error in bwbps.admin.php. Nonce security wasn’t configured properly.
  • 0.2.52 & 0.2.53 (3/23/2009) Fixed implosion error in bwbps-photosmash.php on line 767.  Fixed a plugin conflict with redeclaring the JSON class when uploading.  This conflict was found with Twitter Tools.
  • New Feature: (3/13/2009)  0.2.5 Added support for Role Manager plugin.  Can now grant specific subscribers access to upload to any gallery or to specific galleries regardless of the minimum roles.   See Usage notes for details.  Also, changed bwbps.js to allow IE uploads to show properly.  Were showing in a single column due to rendering of “margin: auto”
  • 2 New Features + bug fixes: 0.2.4 (3/11/2009) Added Tabs to admin pages. Added pagination by gallery. Fixed use of admin defined captions for Add Photos link and Upload form upload message. Fixed CSS for IE for number of images per row.
  • New Feature: 0.2.3 (3/8/2009) admins can set how many images to display per row…setting is by gallery.  Can also set default for new galleries
  • 0.2.22 (3/6/2009) corrected XHTML validation error – replaced & with & in the ThickBox href on the Add Photos links.
  • 0.2.21 (3/5/2009) corrected XHTML validation errors.  Corrected duplication of moderation nonce on front page.
  • New Feature: 0.2.2 (3/4/2009) added options for displaying captions, including displaying contributor’s WordPress nicename and their URL
  • New Feature: 0.2.1 (3/3/2009) added ability to upload images from a URL
  • New Feature: 0.2.0  added the ability to choose to either maintain aspect ratio or crop when creating thumbnails.
  • 0.1.99 – in bwbps-photosmash.php fixed <?= WINC to <?php echo WIND; ?>…this was causing some uses problems.  Changed bwbps.js to use standard $j(‘#bwbps_uploadfile’).val() instead of $j(‘input[@name=bwbps_uploadfile]’).fileValue().
  • 0.1.97 – now using JSON.php class in admin Photo Manager page for ajax calls….affects ajax.php. Fixed the same json_encode problem for PHP4 in admin as for the upload
  • 0.1.96 – added the JSON.php class to ajax_upload.php to make json_encode compatible with PHP4.
  • 0.1.95 – changed the code that handles image files to utilize WP_CONTENT_DIR and WP_CONTENT_URL. This was needed to deal with implementations of WP that did not use the root directory, or used non-standard (but perfectly acceptable) locations for their Content or Upload directories.


  • Thanks to Colin Verot for making his upload class available through the GPL.  PhotoSmash uses Colin’s class.upload.php for manipulating images and making sure the correct folders exist.
  • Thanks to Cory and Michal for their work on the JSON encoding class.
  • Thanks to the WordPress community for sharing, inspiration, patience, and passion.
  • Thanks to my alpha/beta debuggers…I won’t name names, because I don’t want to leave anyone out. But you can see much of there contributions in the first 120 comments below.
  • Thanks to Alex Rabe for the immeasurable NextGEN Gallery, which has helped me figure out a few things and has provided inspiration and the occasional snippet of code…particularly in the area of the Tabs in admin pages and the styling on the pagination.

Finally, if you do end up liking PhotoSmash enough to use it, that will be a thrill for me.  If it makes your life easier in some way and you want to throw a little donation my way, that would be an even bigger thrill and much appreciated.  Either way, I hope you like P’Smash.


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482 Responses to PhotoSmash Galleries WordPress Plugin Released

  1. Joerg June 9, 2009 at 2:24 pm #

    Hello. Is there a way to upload images via ftp and integrate them manually, or take pictures from the media libary? I have a htaccess-logged webspace and so the upload don’t work correct for me…

  2. Linda June 11, 2009 at 5:31 am #

    Just a FYI if you are upgrading to WordPress 2.8

    I decided to upgrade one of my sites to WordPress 2.8 and noticed that the “Add Photo” link was no longer working.

    Turns out one of the new upgrades to WordPress was JS script loader Improvements. Long story short, my problem turned out to be that I did not have this piece of code in my footer.php file . I added the code and everything works fine again. Hope this helps others who might have a similar problem.

    Additional information can be found at

  3. Linda June 11, 2009 at 5:33 am #

    Drats, the code isn’t visible. Try this
    <?php wp_footer(); ?>

  4. Shack Dougall June 12, 2009 at 1:20 am #

    Hi, Byron!

    It’s been a while since I looked a PhotoSmash and I’m impressed with the progress! I usually make major changes to my website around the time that a new version of WordPress comes out. WP 2.8 is here, so I’m taking a serious look at incorporating PhotoSmash, now.

    One question and then a few comments. The question: What is the idea behind the allow_no_image tag in custom forms?

    Now, the comments:

    1) I’d really like to see some way to manage file sizes. It wouldn’t necessarily have to be a hard limit (although that would be nice), but I’d at least like to see the file size in the PhotoManager, so that I can take that into account when I decide to approve/delete.

    2) Would be nice if there was a way to convert the images to jpg with an admin-defined quality setting. This could be done automatically on upload and/or have the conversion triggered in the PhotoManager during the approval process. Again, I’m thinking about file size.

    3) We really need to get a handle on this problem where a new image behaves differently from other images. That is, an image that was just uploaded doesn’t open in shadowbox when you click on it. I know that this is a known issue and that it might not be easy to solve, but we need something here. At the least, maybe an option to have the page reload after the user presses the Done button.

    3) Not as important. Might be nice to have a way to limit the number of uploads per user per day. I can easily do this through policy. I’ll just tell people that I won’t approve more than X per day. The reason I’m thinking about this is that some people go overboard when posting pictures of their creations, e.g., by posting pictures of their creation when viewed from every possible angle.

    4) Also not as important. Would be nice to have a way to move and/or copy an image to another gallery. Here, I’m thinking about creating a gallery that is something like the Editor’s Choice. As admin, I’d like to be able to copy the best images from other galleries and put them in one or more special galleries to highlight the best ones.

    There are two things that I’m going to take as action items for myself:

    a) I’ll investigate adding CoolIris support via my wp-piclens-plus plugin and update the plugin if necessary. At this point, I don’t even know if wp-piclens-plus still works in WP 2.8, but I’ll take a look at it.

    b) I want to make it so that a PhotoSmash gallery can be embedded inside of a Simple:Press forum post. This almost works out of the box. The only complication that I’ve found so far is paging. Anyway, this might generate some sort of a patch that I’ll submit to PhotoSmash and/or Simple:Press. Too early to tell.

    But I’m loving PhotoSmash. Looking good!

  5. Byron Bennett June 12, 2009 at 8:36 pm #

    Hi Shack,

    Welcome back! I’ve got a lot of documentation to catch up on. Thanks for poking around in the development version. What you’ve probably noticed there is that it gives developers a whole lot of flexibility to use PhotoSmash for way more than just your average photo gallery.

    The [allow_no_image] tag includes a hidden field that tells the upload Ajax function not to check to see if an image was selected. Why on earth would you want to do that in a photo gallery, you ask? Well, you wouldn’t. But if you were creating an upload form for something like submitting a new business to Yelp, you could do that with PhotoSmash, using a custom upload script. Your Yelp page would normally include a logo for the business, so if the user had one, they could upload it, but if not, the script could be set to allow uploads with No Image. I plan to offer an enhancement pack for developers that would assist in doing that sort of thing.

    To your comments:

    1) Managing the file size: this is totally doable. Take a look at the docs for the upload class to see what all Colin has made available there.

    2) I think this is possible with the upload class as well.

    3) One thing that is available in the development version is the ability to call a custom javascript on the Ajax return. If we could figure out what the function is to add the Shadowbox listener to the onclick in the new href, this might not be to bad to add.

    3b) A nice feature that can be added at some point. Could have it just not show the form for those users.

    4) Planned. My idea for this is to give you an iTunes (or maybe iPhoto is more accurate) like experience where you can easily mix and match and do Smart Galleries and more.

    a) If you do get something going for CoolIris, I’d be very glad to plaster a big link to your plugin for that. I really want a full-blown RSS for PhotoSmash, but the list is so sickeningly long I can’t even see it on there. I still don’t have a great grasp of RSS and its implementation. It seems too much like magic to me. But I’d like to have a couple different feeds…a gallery specific feed and a latest photos feed…if those make sense as feeds.

    b) That’s a very cool idea. If there’s something I need to do on my end, I’ll be glad to do it.


  6. didymos June 13, 2009 at 4:42 am #


    Great plugin, but I have a problem with it:

    I’ve made three galleries on one page. Every gallery has 10 pictures. The problem is, when I click “next” below the gallery (paging enabled) it changes both galleries page, not one… That sucks 😉

  7. Jess June 13, 2009 at 7:41 am #

    Hi Byron,

    I’ve just installed PhotoSmash and love it – I’d just like to ask – is there a way to have new images added to the top of the gallery rather than the bottom?

    I’ve got it set up on my site for fellow artisans and craftspeople to share their work, and I’d love it if the most recent was at the top.



  8. Byron Bennett June 13, 2009 at 11:24 am #

    Wow…I didn’t think of that, but I see how it’s happening. I’ll have to consider how to fix that…I think it’s tricky, but fixable.


  9. Byron Bennett June 13, 2009 at 11:29 am #

    Thanks for trying it out! Sorting is baked into the next version, so it shouldn’t be too long. It’s not in the Development version on WordPress yet, but I’ll post here when it is.


  10. didymos June 13, 2009 at 1:05 pm #


    Thanks Byron! Paging is the biggest problem for me right now, as I said before… when i click next in one gallery, it’s reloading all galleries on one page at the same time. It wolud be just great if you could fix it.

    The next thing is what Jess said – newer pictures should be at the top, and not at the bottom of the gallery.

    As you (probably) know, encoding is wrong, when you’re adding a description to the picture (using non-asci characters, like national letters, ex. “?ó????” – that’s polish).

    And the last thing: Photosmash is just great. I was looking for a plugin like this for weeks!

    PS. Where I could get the latest development version to test it?

  11. Byron Bennett June 13, 2009 at 2:00 pm #


    There’s a link to WordPress where you can find the development version. Sorting isn’t in that one, unfortunately. And I can’t put the latest one out until I get a couple things ironed out.

    I have no idea how to correct the encoding problem, I’ve looked, but no avail. It’s on the list, though!


  12. didymos June 13, 2009 at 4:14 pm #

    Thanks for everything Byron! So I’m waiting for the 0.3 stable version now…


  13. Francisco Tabares June 15, 2009 at 12:01 pm #

    Hello Byron.

    First of all I want to thank you for this incredible and great plugin. It has been very useful to me.

    I have a private blog, and I want that the last photo that is published (or added to the gallery) is shown at first.

    I don’t see this option in the admin mode, and I don’t know witch file I have to modify.
    Thank you for your attention.

  14. Byron Bennett June 15, 2009 at 12:56 pm #


    Glad you’re giving PS a try! The current version doesn’t sort latest to earliest, but the next version will. It should be available in a week or two!


  15. Francisco Tabares June 15, 2009 at 8:38 pm #

    Thank you very much Byron!

  16. zac June 16, 2009 at 5:18 pm #

    Hello.. I am excited to try out your latest release.. however on the test site I am working on I am only getting the black box but not the Add your Photos link. I switched to classic theme thinking maybe that my custom theme broke it but nope.. maybe just something I am missing in the admin ?

  17. Byron Bennett June 16, 2009 at 5:45 pm #

    Hi Zac,

    Welcome back!

    Is that only on the front page that you are not getting the Add Photos link, or is it on the individual post pages as well? Also, the link doesn’t show up if you are not authorized to upload photos for a particular gallery, so make sure you’re logged in and all that (just checkin’).


  18. zac June 16, 2009 at 6:09 pm #

    Hi Byron!

    I was trying it out with an individual post but nowhere else yet….

    I set the default minimum role to Anyone and I tried it both logged in as Admin and logged out…

  19. zac June 16, 2009 at 7:16 pm #

    Oh .. i figured it out, I had manual form placement checked.. now I can play 🙂

  20. Byron Bennett June 16, 2009 at 7:22 pm #


    Excellent! I was thinking it had to be something in the settings. That particular one has tripped me up too. I’ll need to document that really well…like maybe a big button in the Admin that says, “Why doesn’t my Form show up?”

    Let me know if you find anything…abnormal.


  21. Joerg June 17, 2009 at 11:42 pm #

    Hello Byron,

    can you helP?

    I’d like to use Pictures from the media libary with your plugin, but how?

    Thanks for your help.

  22. Byron Bennett June 18, 2009 at 7:57 am #


    Sorry, but PS can’t do that yet. This is among a few highly requested features, like uploading zip files or FTP, browsing the media library, or importing from Flickr/PhotoBucket. They all need to happen at some point, but it’s a ways out, I’m afraid.


  23. Shack Dougall June 18, 2009 at 11:24 am #

    Just a quick status about what I found regarding CoolIris.

    My wp-piclens-plus plugin does sort of work with PhotoSmash. The primary place where it doesn’t is when there is a multi-page gallery. If you click on an image on any page, it should open CoolIris on all the pages, but it only opens the images in the current page.

    It really needs to be integrated into PhotoSmash, but to do it cleanly will require some refactoring in PhotoSmash. To build the feed, you need to know the urls of various links that are in gallery. Because of the high level of customization that is possible in PhotoSmash, these urls aren’t always straightforward to calculate and the calculations of the urls are currently intermixed with the code that generates the html.

    So, to cleanly implement the feed, the code that generates the urls and the code that generates the html would need to be teased apart. Then, the html generation and the feed generation would both make calls to procedures that generate the urls. I might attempt this once 0.3 is released, but it doesn’t make sense to do the work on a beta release. I’m also uncertain about how successful such an effort would be, given that PhotoSmash is still under such active development. It might be difficult for you to merge my changes back into the development stream.

  24. Byron Bennett June 18, 2009 at 1:11 pm #


    Thanks for the CoolIris work. I haven’t looked into it at all, so I have no idea what is needed. I think it makes sense to wait for 0.3 to come out (and it’s getting very close…just refactored to allow different types of forms (custom forms mixed with standard forms) on a single page).

    If you could let me know what is needed from a PhotoSmash perspective, that would give me a huge start on fixing PS. I don’t know whether it’s looking for an XML file that is called through AJAX or if it is looking at the gallery itself and trying to come up with the image urls from there.

    As to the other issue you brought up where newly uploaded images don’t pop to Shadowbox or Lightbox, I found in the Shadowbox documentation something that may make that work. I’ll hit that after 0.3 comes out.

    I’m going to put a new beta out tongiht or tomorrow. A couple of major core changes around Custom Forms and Layouts. Custom Forms are moving to their own table and out of the WP Options functionality (shouldn’t have cut that corner to begin with), so any existing custom forms will need to be copied and pasted back in to add them to the table – there’s the Beta of a Beta coming out.

    Thanks again!

  25. Byron Bennett June 18, 2009 at 1:25 pm #


    BTW, you were right about having to separate the URL generating code from the html generating code. I had to do that for one the last couple of changes…there’s a function called calculateURL().

    Even so, I don’t know that it would work for the feed since there are so many haywire options a URL might wind up.

    We’ll have to see.


  26. geo June 21, 2009 at 1:54 pm #


    i have some problems with version 0.2.62. I can upload pictures, but after upload, they are saved to both folders (bwbps, thumbs) without changes. So my thumbs are similar as normal images. I have set Thumbnail width (px): 125 and Thumbnail height (px): 125. And style crop images. Could you help me?



  27. Byron Bennett June 21, 2009 at 2:33 pm #

    Hi Geo,

    It sounds like everything should be set to work right. Did you check the Thumb sizes in PhotoSmash Settings or Gallery Settings? You’d need to edit each gallery individually to make sure they are set right. The next version of PhotoSmash has mass update buttons by all of the relevant settings in the PhotoSmash Settings page to update all galleries to the new settings, but that doesn’t help you with 0.2.62,

    Let me know if it’s still a problem.


  28. SKunder June 22, 2009 at 6:11 am #

    Where is this project at now? My users are impatient for for the resizing which I guess will only be possible if the mass update button is available. 🙂

  29. Byron Bennett June 22, 2009 at 7:45 am #

    Hi Skunder,
    The mass update button is availabe now in the latest Development version on WP. If you go into the PhotoSmash Settings page, there is a save button beside each parameter that is mirrored in the Gallery Settings. That button doesn’t update the global defaults, so you still have to save the PhotoSmash Settings if you make a change from the default. But clicking the mass update button will update all Galleries with the number you have in the text box.

    The Mass Update in the Gallery Settings isn’t enabled yet, so ignore that for now.


  30. Matt Simon June 23, 2009 at 2:41 am #

    Hi I think this plugin is excellent and I’m suprised that its the only one like it around. As always though I have a problem.

    When I edit the css file it makes very little change to the gallery. I say very little as certain things like the background can be changed but I cannot get rid of the grey border around my gallery. When I inspect it in firebug it shows a grey border (#CCCCCC) but this is nowhere to be found in the css file??

    Also I cannot make any change to the ‘add photo’ text – I’d like to move it and style it. Any ideas?

    I am using WordPress 2.8 – not sure if this has an effect on it.

    Any help would be great thanks.

  31. SKunder June 23, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    Looks like it’s working! Their was no response letting me know that it was completed after I clicked the icons, so that might be something you want to look into doing. As I’ve said, I’m very happy with the plug-in and look forward to it progressing. 🙂

  32. SKunder June 24, 2009 at 5:56 am #

    What is the path to the uploaded images? I’ve had to switch hosting and I can’t seem to locate them.

  33. Lise Strandlien June 24, 2009 at 7:15 am #

    When I use the shortcode to place the form: [photosmash form], I got the message ” Current user does not have authorization for uploading to this gallery.” when I tried to upload an image. I have the role setting to “anybody”, but I get the message even if I am logged in as admin.

  34. Lise Strandlien June 24, 2009 at 7:25 am #

    I would like to have an option to show custom fields in the admin Photomanager tool. This is because I have added custom fields as name, e-mail and phone, instead of using registered users option. If this option is added, it is possible for wordpress users to create simple photo contests.

  35. Byron Bennett June 24, 2009 at 7:27 am #

    Hi Skunder,

    I feel for you. Switching hosts can be a bit of a pain. The images are located at:


    The Thumbs:


    The transfer should work fine. The two things to verify are the permissions are 755 on those new folders once created, and make sure that you get all the PhotoSmash database tables moved over with their data.

  36. Byron Bennett June 24, 2009 at 7:35 am #

    Hi Lise,

    I may have some problems with the logic of how that works. But for now, try adding a gallery id and a no_gallery=true to the shortcode. Something like:

    [photosmash id=## no_gallery=true form]

    You can get the gallery ID from the Gallery Settings page. The ID numbers are shown in the dropdown picker. If you don’t already have a gallery picked out for this, you can create one here as well.

    If that doesn’t work for you, let me know what you’re trying to do and I’ll see if there’s a way.


  37. geo June 24, 2009 at 11:17 am #

    Hi Byron,

    thank you for your advice, but it doesnt work still… I mean that it could be caused by some permisions problems, which this plugin signalise:

    # Image path: /var/www/******/wp-content/uploads/bwbps
    Exists – but not writeable.
    CHMOD attempted and failed. – Permissions: 0775
    # Thumbnail path: /var/www/******/wp-content/uploads/bwbps/thumbs
    Exists – but not writeable.
    CHMOD attempted and failed. – Permissions: 0775
    # Uploads path: /var/www/******/wp-content/uploads
    Exists – but not writeable.
    CHMOD attempted and failed. – Permissions: 0775

    I have set 0775, but get this errors. Permissions for Upload Folders has value Don’t use 0777. I am not happy to change permissions to 0777 – then it works, but i get the problem with thumbnails (they are not resizing and settings are ok), which I have written above. Have you any ideas how to fix this?


  38. SKunder June 24, 2009 at 11:42 am #

    Thank you, Byron. This whole host switch has been very unpleasant.

  39. Lise Strandlien June 24, 2009 at 3:04 pm #

    Thanks! It work like a charm. Great plugin!

  40. Lise Strandlien June 25, 2009 at 4:14 am #

    when I choose not to use the thickbox, but view the form on a page, the upload function does not work. The page just reaload, and nothing happens.

  41. Lise Strandlien June 25, 2009 at 12:48 pm #

    I just discovered that it is because I use [photo id = 5 smash no_gallery = true form] as shortcode that the upload does’t work, not because I use the form direcly on the post.

  42. Bcarter June 26, 2009 at 10:25 pm #

    I’ve been looking for something like this on one of my WP sites for a while now. Thank you so much.

  43. william June 27, 2009 at 6:41 am #

    Your upload box continues to be plagued by all the bugs from every previous version. Could you please redesign this before adding a slew of new features?

    Random errors (file size limit when no image has even been selected for upload), misaligned everything, the file size limit not actually reflecting what’s set by PHP (and thereby being utterly useless), failed upload errors when the image is clearly uploaded, no errors when the image isn’t uploaded successfully, it still does not refresh the page when you close the upload box (which it must do in order for lightboxes to work properly and other formatting changes), etc.

    It is broken from the bottom up. Please work on the upload box!

    Not trying to be harsh, still love your plugin and appreciate all your work. 🙂

  44. william June 27, 2009 at 6:58 am #

    Forgot to mention, adding a custom form does nothing, because you cannot select it in any gallery. The dropdown list of custom upload forms available simply does not include anything but .

  45. byron June 27, 2009 at 8:10 am #

    Sorry it’s not working out for you. Clearly, it’s still a work in progress. You may want to try again later after I’ve had a chance to fix some of the things you’ve mentioned. If you are interested in providing fixes for the things that trouble you most, I will be glad to see if they fit with my overall aims for the plugin.


  46. Byron Bennett June 28, 2009 at 12:28 am #

    Hi Lise,

    Sorry hadn’t replied earlier…I’ve been out of pocket for a few days. Have you got it working like you want? It sounded like you did, but just checking.


  47. Byron Bennett June 28, 2009 at 12:40 am #

    Hi Geo,

    Sorry for the delay in replying. It does sound like a security issues. If you’d like to dive deeper into the problem, send me an email at byron at whpad . com


  48. Pikus June 29, 2009 at 7:59 am #


    I am looking for something, but I don’t know what and I don’t want to try everything I find in the net…

    What I would like is:

    – something (maybe a plugin) that works with wordpress
    – users should be able to register and upload their photos
    – the photos uploaded by users should be visible on a different page (because I do not want a “post” in the main page for every photo added
    – those users should not have rights to add posts, or if they add posts, they should be visible on a different page, so that the only MY posts will be updated on the main wordpress page
    – I would like random photos to show on the sidebar, maybe as a widget
    – I would like to chose the “photo of the day” to show on a different page and in thumbnail in the sidebar

    And now I explain the same in other words
    I would like users to upload their pictures (for example the photo of their computer) to my wordpress blog, they need to register in order to do it and they need to add a description, what is the hardware, software and so on… random computer pictures will show in my wordpress l my wordpress blog. Users can click on a wordpress page and they can see a list of pictures ordered by date of everybody’s computer… and can put their comments…

    Please tell me if something like this exists already… maybe yours? PhotoSmash?

    Thank you

  49. Byron Bennett June 29, 2009 at 8:04 am #

    Hi Pikus,

    PhotoSmash comes close. The uploading and security you mention are the primary features of PhotoSmash. The widget is on my roadmap, but doesn’t exist yet.


  50. Pikus June 29, 2009 at 8:22 am #

    so just the widget is missing? do you have an estimate time?

    when the widgets will be available it will be necessary just an easy automatic update?

    That would be wonderful! I have a nice simple little project and I am sure I will come out with some ideas to make your plugin the best, and I think it’s not difficult, because I am searching and searching and yours seems to be the best for my needs.

    I would like an answer to those questions above… and I would like to know whether is possible or not to have your support if I have some questions or need some help.

    Maybe you have a forum?

  51. Stefani June 29, 2009 at 8:23 am #

    Hi there, your plugin is great but I unfortunately can’t use it cause it doesn’t seem to work properly with WordPress v. 2.8. Everything works fine up to upload and the image appears on the page, but if I then refresh that page, the image uploaded disappears.

    The image is stored in the correct folder, it just doesn’t get found after it’s been uploaded.

  52. Lise Strandlien June 29, 2009 at 9:31 am #

    Hi, Byron –
    The shortcode [photosmash id=## no_gallery=true form] did show the form in a seperate page, but its not possible to upload pictures to the gallery. The page reload (or when using thickbox, the layer closes down), and no message is showing.

  53. Lise Strandlien June 29, 2009 at 9:41 am #

    I tried it once again and now it worked. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

  54. Byron Bennett June 29, 2009 at 10:49 am #

    Glad to hear it’s working. I’ve noticed that sort of thing before where you try it once and nothing happens and then try it again and it works. I have no idea what that is all about.

    Sorry, I don’t have an estimate on when the widget will be ready. I’m very involved in developing this plugin, but there is a LOT of work to be done. I’m hoping to get my latest release out soon and move to a new site that’s more focused on plugins. But until then, you can post any support questions here.

    It sounds like everything is working up to the point where it should be saving to the database. If you’d like, send me an email at byron @ whypad . com and we can take a deeper dive into the problem.


  55. Pikus June 29, 2009 at 11:03 am #

    I can see that it works fine, you can see it here:

    People can add the pictures, well… But how can they change them? Is it possible for the users to “at least” change the caption to the picture they added?

    If a gallery has many pictures, they will be displayed in 1 page only or it is possible to have the numbers in the bottom to go to page 2, etc…?

  56. geo June 30, 2009 at 6:01 am #

    Hi Byron, I have fixed the previous issue which I had (the problem was, that i have manualy created upload folders and permissions was set on me, not on server – so without permissions 777 wasnt photosmash able to upload)… But…

    It works perfect for few days. Now i havent changed anything and when I try to upload, i get error Image processing failed (permissions are ok). I read above something about this, but dont find any idea how to fix it.

    Thanks for help


  57. Lise Strandlien June 30, 2009 at 12:01 pm #

    I have created a custom form, but it’s not possible to select in “gallery Settings/advanced – costum form name” (The name on the costum form is not showing, just ) .
    ‘Use Custom Forms’ is turned on in PhotoSmash Settings/Advanced.

  58. Byron Bennett June 30, 2009 at 1:19 pm #

    Hi Lise,

    Good catch! Thanks!

    I’ll have a fix in for that tonight. I’ve been using the shortcode for that and hadn’t tried the Gallery Settings dropdown since I moved the Custom Forms to their own table.

    FYI, the shortcode would look like: [photosmash id=## form=’my_custom_form’]

    That ought to work now. I’ll get the gallery dropdown working tonight…it’s still using the old paradigm.

    Thanks again!

  59. Julia June 30, 2009 at 2:21 pm #

    Hi Byron
    This is a great plugin.
    My problem is that I can only get administrators to upload. I’m on WP 2.8. I tried it with all the other plugins disabled, and that didn’t work. I have changed permissions to 777 as you outline above.
    I have set photosmash settings to “Anybody”. But when I log out as admin and in as a subscribed user, I can’t see the upload photo link.
    Any ideas?

  60. Byron Bennett June 30, 2009 at 2:25 pm #

    Hi Julia,

    Hopefully an easy fix. Your galleries probably got created before you changed the PhotoSmash setting. So they probably got defaulted to Admins only.

    If you go into Gallery Settings and edit the galleries, you will need to set your galleries to Anybody and save them.

    Once we get to the next version, there is a mass update button that will let you set all galleries at once. For right now, you’ll need to do each gallery individually.

    Hope that gets it going!

  61. Julia June 30, 2009 at 2:30 pm #

    Thank you! Thank You! That did it – it’s perfect now. And so prompt!
    Now, if only I’d thought of asking you about four hours back!

  62. Stefani July 2, 2009 at 2:39 am #

    Bit of a silly thing, but the close button on thickbox doesn’t load, so my form has a broken image up at the top. I’ve checked and the file does exist in the correct location. Anyone else having that problem?

    Would love to see a vote function per photo and ability to add a watermark to images in future.

    The developers version is really amazing. The custom layout is my favourite feature. Adds so much flexibility. Thanks.

  63. Jason Cooper July 2, 2009 at 4:00 pm #

    Is there is a way to hide/suppress the gallery placeholder (the black box) until the first set of images has been submitted?


  64. SKunder July 7, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    I’m a bit confused…I thought the mass updater was working? It’s not doing anything on my websites.

  65. Byron Bennett July 7, 2009 at 5:54 pm #


    I’ll need to check out that close button…that’s weird. Glad you’re liking the plugin!

    No way to hide that on the standard layout. If you do a custom layout, it does get hidden. I’ll look into an option for hiding that in the future.

    Any particular setting it’s not working on? Or is it all of them. The button should submit an Ajax call to update all of your existing galleries with the value you’ve selected. The PhotoSmash Settings is not affected by that save, so you have to save those settings normally.

    But it should be working. I’m able to update settings. But I haven’t tested all of them. It uses a standard method that should work for them all, but there could be a bug. A hint as to where to start looking would be helpful.


  66. SKunder July 7, 2009 at 7:33 pm #

    • Thumbnail Style
    • Max Image Width
    • Max Image Height

    I’ve only checked the Thumbs/Images section as it is major for my site.

  67. Byron Bennett July 7, 2009 at 8:00 pm #


    Ah….It is probably making the change properly. But the gallery continues to show the thumbs and images at the original size they were Resized to upon the original upload. Those settings currently only affect new uploads.

    To make sure the mass edit is working, you s/b getting the pop-up that says how many galleries were updated It might come back as 0 if the values were already set to the value you’re trying to save, but if you change the value to something new, it should give you a # of galleries updated.

    You should also be able to go in and see the new settings in the individual gallery settings.

    Hopefully that is all working fine. But that doesn’t solve your problem, which is that you want to change the size of pre-existing images/thumbs. I’ve been debating how to handle that. The simplest thing is to set the image height and width properties in the img tag, forcing the browser to do the resizing. This has the unfortunate affect of stretching and warping and degrading the quality of images that don’t match the ratios/sizes. The other thing I’m considering is providing a means for admins to resize images and thumbnails within a gallery en masse.

    But I’m not sure how that will work with such a large number of images and script timeouts et al.

    Any thoughts?


  68. zac July 8, 2009 at 11:35 am #

    Hi Byron,

    Wanted to say I have been testing your beta for a couple of weeks and its working great. I am going to work on tweaking the layout and input fields now and see what happens…

    I was wondering, do you know how I could get all of the information that is entered into the input fields and export them as a CSV or something? I am fairly lost when it comes to mySQL but would this be fairly easy to just download the table generated by user input?



  69. Byron Bennett July 8, 2009 at 4:58 pm #

    Hi Zac,

    You should be able to Export the contents of your WordPress (and PhotoSmash) tables through your Host’s database admin tool…probably phpMyAdmin or something similar.

    In phpMyAdmin, you can:

    1) Click on your Table
    2) Click Export – there should be a CSV option.

    At some point, I want to provide both backup and Export functionality within PhotoSmash to allow people to easily share gallery settings/designs, as well as let people backup their setup. But for backing up, you could use something like WP-DB-Backup.


  70. wolf July 9, 2009 at 12:33 pm #

    i am using the photosmash gallery plugin at my site , it is very nice and usefull plugin but i have a litle problem with it , my site is intended for russian community so most of the posters use russian language but when writing captions in russian language they are shown at the gallery like : “Ñ by admin-3” instead of the caption posted by user . is there any way to fix it?
    Thanx in advance 🙂

  71. Duane Hardy July 9, 2009 at 2:47 pm #

    I am having similiar problems as many others have with getting images to load. I have looked through every post here and google my issue but have not found the solution. I have created a new blog and I am trying to get Photosmash to work properly. You can see the install at .

    I am only able to get images to load via url. I have tried to upload several images from my hard drive without success. All upload attempts end with “image processing fails”. All URL loads give me a success but it does not upload the image if permission is 755. Only shows caption if one is provided. It does upload the image if the permission is 777. All images are less than 400K. Can someone help me fix this? Here are my settings:

    PhotoSmash Info

    * Image path: /vservers/h181012wp/htdocs/wp-content/uploads/bwbps
    Exists. – Permissions: 0777
    * Thumbnail path: /vservers/h181012wp/htdocs/wp-content/uploads/bwbps/thumbs
    Exists. – Permissions: 0777
    * Uploads path: /vservers/h181012wp/htdocs/wp-content/uploads
    Exists. – Permissions: 0777

    Database Info

    o wp_bwbps_images: Exists
    o wp_bwbps_galleries: Exists

    Server Settings

    * Operating System : Linux
    * Server : Apache/2.2.3 (Red Hat)
    * Memory usage : 11.29 MByte
    * MYSQL Version : 5.0.45
    * SQL Mode : Not set
    * PHP Version : 5.1.6
    * PHP Safe Mode : Off
    * PHP Allow URL fopen : On
    * PHP Memory Limit : 32M
    * PHP Max Upload Size : 2M
    * PHP Max Post Size : 8M
    * PHP Max Script Execute Time : 30s
    * PHP Exif support : Yes ( V1.4 )
    * PHP IPTC support : Yes
    * PHP XML support : Yes

  72. Byron Bennett July 9, 2009 at 3:28 pm #

    Hi Duane,

    Does the Browse – Upload work if permissions is set to 0777? I think you indicated such in your post, but wanted to make sure.

    My understanding is that the URL works for you with 755 and 777, but that Browse isn’t working for 755, but does work for 777.

    PhotoSmash is over most of the upload problems in the comments above. Most of the problems that we see now are due to Web Hosts that restrict uploads for 755 and they only work for 777. The other problem we sometimes see is when the database is not properly updated, but the symptoms you’re referencing don’t seem like that.

    If you can confirm that the upload is working for 777, that would indicate most likely a restriction by your Web Host.


  73. Duane Hardy July 10, 2009 at 7:25 am #


    Upload does not work under any circumstance.

    URL works for 777 but not 755. 755 gives a success message but the image is not imported only the caption.

    Let me know if you have other questions.

  74. Geneve July 10, 2009 at 10:12 pm #

    Hi there, I’m in the process of working on a website and this plugin is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for – which is awesome.
    Only problem I’m having is that I’d love to tweak the css file but.. I can’t find it. Granted I’ve been staring at the computer way too long working on this already, but I’ve looked well.. everywhere.
    It’s in the file I downloaded, but once it was uploaded to yahoo (my host) it vanished.
    I tried uploading it by itself, it said the upload was successful, but it isn’t there.

    I feel like I’m going crazy. x_x

  75. Byron Bennett July 11, 2009 at 7:35 am #

    Hi Geneve,

    Are you able to connect using an FTP client? You should be able to see it with an FTP client provided you have the proper permissions to view the folder.

    That is strange.


  76. Byron Bennett July 11, 2009 at 9:26 pm #


    Have you had any luck? I noted that you had tried out NextGen Gallery. Were you able to get it to upload? If so, then it should be possible to get PhotoSmash to upload if you still want to try to get it going.

    If so, shoot me an email at byron at, and I’ll be glad to work with you.


  77. Duane Hardy July 12, 2009 at 6:27 pm #

    I’ve experimented and seem to have it working properly now. I dumped wp 2.8 and changed back to 2.7. I up my max image upload to 10m and turned safe mode off. I had to set permissions to 777 on the plugin to work also.

    Have you experimented with any code to insert images from a gallery in the sidebar? I was thinking about trying to put the 6 – 8 most recent images in the sidebar. Do you have any suggestions on how to handle this?

  78. Byron Bennett July 12, 2009 at 6:39 pm #


    I’m glad to hear it’s working. Not sure why you’d have to switch back to 2.7. WP 2.8 has some nice features if you can get it running. The Admin pages are certainly faster. I used to dread editing a post or page, it was so slow to load.

    Over the next month or so, I plan to release some widgets, including one that will let you do what you’re suggesting. But it’s likely to be several weeks out before I get to that. If you’re a PHP coder, then you could probably whip one up without too much trouble. I believe that the field in the wp_bwbps_images table is created_date…. so your SQL could order by that field in descending order. Be sure that you call only images with a status > 0, so you don’t get any that are in moderation.

    If you can wait, this is on the drawing boards.

    Let me know if you hit any other snags.


  79. Byron Bennett July 12, 2009 at 11:09 pm #

    PhotoSmash 0.3 has been released. Please visit the new PhotoSmash page at Smashly for questions and comments. Comments are now closed here.


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