Moving to Media Temple

First off, I’d like to thank all of you who drop my little blog.  I don’t have tons of readers, so each and every one of you brings a little chunk of joy to me.  That said, after 6 days of off and on network problems with my old web host, I decided to move and (my to-do list site) to Media Temple grid service.

So far, the transition has been ok.  Both sites are now being served from Media Temple.  While my old host may have been a little faster, they were not known for reliability.

After moving the Whypad database, I noticed some weird characters in posts and comments.  I think I’ve gotten those stamped out now.  So hopefully no more interruptions.  Sorry if there was some weirdness there.

 Here’s hoping for a celestial Media Temple experience!



3 Responses to Moving to Media Temple

  1. JBDaddy September 10, 2008 at 9:16 pm #

    So it’s early September, I see you made this post in July. After a couple months experience, how do you find having your sites hosted at Media Temple’s grid?

    I ask because my own host is becoming too erratic for me to host growing business sites with (30 minutes of downtime several times a day!)

    I thought about using mt’s grid service but have read some bad reviews and am looking for some more opinions.

    How’s the hosting? Had any big stretches of downtime? How’s support been in response to questions or problems?


  2. JBDaddy September 10, 2008 at 9:17 pm #

    Oh yeah, another question I forgot: Your sites appear to be reasonably quick. Are you using WP-Super-Cache or anything else, or is that just out-of-the-box speed on mt’s grid?

    Thanks again.

  3. byron September 11, 2008 at 9:06 pm #

    Hi JBDaddy,
    I’ll tell you, right after I switched to Media Temple, there was a bad spell where I was not getting good response time at all. My To-do list application ( was particularly slow, and that is just bad news for a to-do list. Nobody will sit around for 10-30 second page loads or 15 second Ajax calls. So I was getting pretty frustrated. They worked with me to get it resolved, but in the end, it was part of a bigger problem that they ultimately identified and appear to have fixed.

    I am not using Super-Cache or any caching beyond what would be automatic for a WordPress blog. SugarDo isn’t using any caching either. Both apps appear to be reasonably quick now (as you noted). I am still a little skiddish because I left a bad situation and found myself in a slow situation, so I get ansy anytime the site doesn’t come back blazing fast.

    So, here’s my recommendation: MT support has been very good; Up-time has been very good; my response time issues appear to be fixed; I really like the Grid concept, particularly with an app like SugarDo where people might actually be relying on the data being available. I’m sticking with Media Temple and would recommend it to anyone who needs some level of guaranteed up-time.

    If up-time isn’t critical, you can get one of the cheaper hosts (I had very good uptime with 1AND1 for 3 years…was lucky…then got real unlucky for about 2 weeks straight). I feel more secure having the MT Grid running my sites…if the speed holds, I’ll be singing their praises from the rooftops.

    Hope that helps.

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