jQuery Forms Plugin – Uncaught TypeError: Property ‘submit’ not a Function

Good grief!!! Finally found the answer to an error I was getting when trying to upload a file using the jQuery Forms plugin (jquery.forms.js). I’ve used that excellent little plugin a lot in the past, but just got stumped on this simple little problem.  Seriously, this was not fun.

The Situation

  • Using jquery.forms.js plugin in a WordPress app to upload a file
  • The very same plugin (same file and everything) works in the old PhotoSmash plugin on the same website, but not in the new one
  • In debugging, I slimmed down the form to the bare minimum…just the form tags, the file tag, and submit button
  • It was throwing an error on ajaxSubmit() or ajaxForm(), when it goes to submit the form

Now, this was working fine when I was submitting the form without a FILE form tag.  When you use a FILE tag, the jQuery plugin needs to use the iFrame method (you might want to specify “iframe:  true” in your options when you do your ajaxForm() or ajaxSubmit(), just to be safe).  For some reason, when it used the iFrame method, my problem reared its head.

The Error Message: Uncaught TypeError: Property ‘submit’ Not a Function

The full wording of the error in Chrome is: Uncaught TypeError: Property ‘submit’ of object <HTMLFormElement> is not a function

The answer is actually right there, but I was just too thick to see it!

The Answer

Notice where it says “Property ‘submit’ of object…not a function”?  We’ll buried down in an answer that only got 1 vote on StackOverflow, was the answer:  the ‘submit’ function of the form object is being overridden by something else.  In my case, it was the “Submit” button!

Don’t give your Submit button name=’submit’!

Instead, make your submit button something like:

<input type="submit" name="submit_button" id="my-submit-button" value="Submit" />

That causes the form object to use the submit button as its ‘submit’ property instead of using the submit function.

So simple, and yet it ate up 3 hours.  Ouch!

Hope this helps,



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