How to Make an iOS Demo Screencast Video for Your App

reflectorappJust so you know, this is AWESOME!!  You’ve worked hard to make your App great.  It’s on the App Store, and now you’re ready to showcase it with a demo video.  You start out with the iPhone or iPad Simulator, but that’s really limiting.  You’ve got photos and maps and other stuff that just aren’t working right.  You set up a video camera and try to record your hand tapping around on your iPhone, but you’re even less of a hand model than you are an underwear model, not to mention that the lighting looks horrific.

What to do?!?!?!!!!

csssReflector to the rescue!  Squirrels has created an awesome app for your Mac or PC that will allow you to connect your iPhone or iPad (if it is AirPlay compatible) to your computer and mirror your device’s screen.  Using Camtasia or one of the other Screencasting programs, you can record your video just as it is intended to be!

Reflector has a free trial that lets you see how it works for 10 minutes before shutting down.  At $12.99, I didn’t think twice about buying it after I had seen my app on my computer screen.  My customers are worth it!

I am in love!  Now, to make some videos.  Camtasia time…



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