How to Host a Plugin on WordPress – Video pt. 1

wp-pluginThe first time I wrote a WordPress plugin, I thought, “Cool, I’m going to host this puppy on the WordPress website and I’ll get tons of traffic.”  Then I got to the front door and they started talking about SVN.  Then I took a look at what SVN (aka Subversion) was all about, and that was the end of that.  But then, I wrote a more serious plugin, PhotoSmash Galleries, which lets your users upload photos to galleries on your blog, that you can moderate later.  And I knew I had to climb the learning curve and get PhotoSmash hosted.

I like to think of myself as a geek/nerd, but dipping into SVN, I quickly realized that there are several standard deviations of geekdom between me (what I now understand to be Geek Light) and the people who speak SVN (Geek Core).  So for those of you who are geeky enough to write plugins for WordPress, but do not fall into Geek Core, I offer you this video series, holding your hand, like I wish someone had done for me, through the whole process…well, after you’ve got your plugin written anyway.

3 Easy Steps to Hosting a Plugin on WordPress

There are 3 easy steps for hosting your plugin on WordPress. At least they should be easy after you watch these videos.

1) Request a Subversion (SVN) Repository for Your Plugin at WordPress

This step basically asks WordPress for a place to host your plugin. Here’s the video:

After you’re done with that, it may take several hours (or even longer) to get your email back from WordPress. Somebody has to review your request and then set up your repository, so get on with life and come back and check your email in the morning.

After you get your Repository notification email, your now ready for step 2. Check out video #2!

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