Excel: Make a bar meter graph in a cell using REPT

Excel in-cell bar chartThis nifty little Excel tip comes via LifeHacker.com, originally given by JuiceAnalytics. You can create a sweet little bar meter chart by using the REPT() function. REPT is short for repeat. Here’s how:

  1. Format the cells you want to show your meters in as Arial, 8 pt to give it a tight look.
  2. Here’s a screen shot of some data and the formula:Excel in-cell bar chart
  3. Copy the formula down through you data list, and voila! You have a nice little bar chart.

The magic is in the REPT, which takes 2 arguments: 1) what to repeat, 2) how many times. =REPT(“X”, 5) yields: XXXXX

Simple, yet effective.

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