Excel – How to Remove Duplicate Rows in Excel 2013

Need to know how to delete duplicates in Excel 2013?  Well, thank you Microsoft!  I bet a million hours have been spent over the past 10 years where people did nothing but remove duplicate rows from a Spreadsheet.  Microsoft has just improved the GDP of the US by .0001% with a single Feature.

The Remove Duplicates Wizard in Excel 2013 even allows you to define multiple cells to use for the duplicates matching.  You don’t have to do concatenations or other gymnastics.  They nailed it perfectly!  Excel has gotten really good at figuring out if you’ve got a Table  or if you’re just doodling on your Spreadsheet.  The duplicates wizard works on tables, which can be almost any contiguous grouping of cells where your data is organized into columns and rows.

To tell you how fast this is, I had a table with around 60k rows in it.  Deleting the 52,000 duplicates took less than a second.  I am amazed.

How to Delete Duplicates in Excel 2013


duplicates-matching wizard

  1. On the Ribbon, go to the Data Tab
  2. Click the ‘Remove Duplicates’ icon
  3. When the Remove Duplicates wizard pops up, all of your columns are selected by default.  This is usually just fine, but if you only want to check for dupes based on specific columns, then just uncheck the ones you don’t want to use.
  4. Tell the wizard whether your table has a header row or not by checking or unchecking the ‘My data has headers’ box
  5. Click Ok and the duplicates are gone!

It is sad that this feature makes me so happy, but there you go, I’m a nerd.  Hope this helps someone.



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