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Awesome Utilities Add-In for Excel

I stumbled across an awesome utility add-in for excel that will save you tons of time doing mundane little formulas and formattings to your data. The folks over at ASAP Utilities have created this wonderful tool and it’s completely free for the taking. There must be over 100 functions in this add-in, here’s a few […]

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WordPress: How to add a To-do List

I have searched the net for a WordPress plug-in that would allow me to add a todo list to a WordPress blog, but to no avail. My options were to write my own or keep searching. What I really wanted was a to-do list like the available for Google personalized homepages. This ultimately led me […]

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SAP: CO03 – Analyzing Production Orders

In our wholesale distribution company, we have limited use for Production Orders, whereas a manufacturer might use them all the time. We do use Production Orders for assembling kits from various inventory items. This is a brief description of the process from a FICO perspective and how you might analyze the transaction history. Process Overview […]

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SAP: How to emulate hierarchies outside of SAP

Applies to: R3 4.6c (which means it probably applies to all of 4.6) If you’ve ever needed to build something outside of SAP that uses the SAP’s account set, profit center set, or functional area set hierarchies, it can be a big task. Ideally, you could use some sort of BAPI or remote hook into […]

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Excel: Turn a Column into a Row and Vice Versa

Just got a call today from an accountant wondering how to turn a column of data into a row. If you don’t know, you’ll love it…so simple: Highlight the cells you want to flip the orientation on Ctrl-C to copy (or copy button…whatever you like) Click Edit/Paste Special (might have to expand your Edit menu […]

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