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SharePoint 2013: How to Find the List Item Content Type

This one is short and sweet…if you’re using the SharePoint REST API for inserts or updates, you will need the List Item content Type.  Usually, it’s straightforward, just take the list name and add ListItem to the end.  So a list named “Event Fund” would have a list item content type of:  Event_x0020_FundListItem. But if […]

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Where to Buy SharePoint Tools

There are a lot of Microsoft SharePoint tool providers out there, but finding them can be difficult!  Which is completely counter-intuitive.  You’d think finding people who want to sell you some SharePoint stuff would be really easy.  Well, it is if you know their names. I’ve been searching for some web part and Sharepoint app […]

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Unity 3D and Visual Studio Code for Mac is…

Awesome!! Today, Microsoft released a “code optimized” version of Visual Studio called Visual Studio Code that will run on Mac and Linux (and of course Windows). And it is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been looking for an alternative to MonoDevelop with Unity 3D for some time, and VS Code feels like it might be the real deal. […]

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How to Make an iOS Demo Screencast Video for Your App

Just so you know, this is AWESOME!!  You’ve worked hard to make your App great.  It’s on the App Store, and now you’re ready to showcase it with a demo video.  You start out with the iPhone or iPad Simulator, but that’s really limiting.  You’ve got photos and maps and other stuff that just aren’t […]

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