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On this post, I will be collecting ASP.NET C# commands that I use frequently in PHP but I have to continually look up in the little bit of ASP.NET that I do.  PHP can be frustrating for its inconsistencies in syntax, but what is even more frustrating is when you’re trying to do something in C# and you’re trying to remember whether the common sense syntax is in PHP or C#…This tries to be a cheat sheet for those for me:

echo ‘string’; Response.Write(“the_text_goes_here”);
$_REQUEST[‘parameter_name’]; Request.QueryString[“parameter_name”];
urlencode( string ); Server.UrlEncode( string );
Convert unix timestamp:date(“m.d.y”, $timestamp); public static System.DateTime UnixToDotNet(int unixTimestamp)
System.DateTime date = System.DateTime.Parse(“1/1/1970”);
return date.AddSeconds(unixTimestamp);
Connection string:
mysql_connect([string $server [,string $username [, string $password [,bool $new_link [, int $client_flags ]]]]] )
Code for using conn string in Web.config:

string dbConn = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["QueryStringName"].ToString();

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