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WordPress: Get Category ID for a Category Page

It shouldn’t be this hard!!  Here is a quick function for getting the Category ID for a WordPress Category Page. Once you get the Category ID, a world of possbilities opens up. You can get the category object and all the info you need related to that Cat.  I can’t believe how hard it was […]

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PhotoSmash Galleries Plugin turns 1,000

Even as I sit here trying to fix a thorny problem with PhotoSmash, I popped by the plugin’s page and noticed that it had turned 1,000 downloads on the nose. Let’s hope the next 1,000 downloads have it a bit easier. PhotoSmash is a WordPress photo gallery plugin lets you let your visitors upload images […]

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Supple Forms – A WordPress CMS Plugin

I am pleased to announce the release of Supple Forms, a CMS plugin for WordPress.  If you’ve been looking for content management on WordPress, Supple Forms may be part of your solution.  It is easy, flexible, powerful, and lightweight. Supple Forms offers two significant functions for your blog: 1) building custom write panels for the […]

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