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How to Make an iOS Demo Screencast Video for Your App

Just so you know, this is AWESOME!!  You’ve worked hard to make your App great.  It’s on the App Store, and now you’re ready to showcase it with a demo video.  You start out with the iPhone or iPad Simulator, but that’s really limiting.  You’ve got photos and maps and other stuff that just aren’t […]

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Upgraded to WordPress 2.8.1

I’ve upgraded three sites to WordPress 2.8.1.  None of them missed a beat.  Also, PhotoSmash seems completely unfazed by its new bedfellow. The auto-upgrade function/feature purely rocks.   It takes less than a minute, while FTP’ing the entire 2.2 MB to you server can take a dozen. Thanks for the smoothness, WP Heros! Cheers, Byron

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Supple Forms – Quick Start Guide

This is a quick start guide to get you up and running with Supple Forms as fast as humanly possible. Supple Forms is a CMS plugin for WordPress that lets you add custom data to posts and pages. It is both powerful and simple to use. If you need something like this, it might just […]

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