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Supple Forms – A WordPress CMS Plugin

I am pleased to announce the release of Supple Forms, a CMS plugin for WordPress.  If you’ve been looking for content management on WordPress, Supple Forms may be part of your solution.  It is easy, flexible, powerful, and lightweight. Supple Forms offers two significant functions for your blog: 1) building custom write panels for the […]

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PhotoSmash Galleries WordPress Plugin Released

UPDATE:  7/12/2009 -PhotoSmash 0.3 has been released.  Its new homepage is just getting started, so you might need to browse below if you don’t find what you looking for over at  Thanks for your patience! Release Candidate 2 version 0.2.996 (RC3 for 0.3.00) now available at WordPress. Final Release Candidate before going public with […]

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WordPress 2.3 “Dexter” Rocks

A brief note to any of you WordPress bloggers out there who have not upgraded to 2.3 (read about the goodies and get download link here). You should run, not walk, to the nearest download center and upgrade your blogs. I haven’t spent a lot of time kicking the tires on all of the features, […]

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WordPress: How to add a To-do List

I have searched the net for a WordPress plug-in that would allow me to add a todo list to a WordPress blog, but to no avail. My options were to write my own or keep searching. What I really wanted was a to-do list like the available for Google personalized homepages. This ultimately led me […]

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