Noah and ByronHola! I’m Byron. Everybody needs a way to keep track of things…things you learn, things you want to learn, books to read, insights into life, love and God. WhyPad is where I keep track of the things I learn and share.

I work for a wholesale distributor of electrical and comm/data products. I was fortunate to be the GL guy on our SAP implementation project back in 2001, and I’ve worked in both the technical and business side of FICO ever since. I’m currently attached to our IT organization.

I’m a big fan of travel and adventure, and also web development.  I’m working on bringing those together over at StLouie.com

Also, if you’re in St. Louis and looking for a Photographer (or Illinois or Fiji 😉 ), my lovely wife, Amy, would be happy for your business. Check out her children’s photography site at Peanutgrins!

Currently, I’m spending my extra curricular hours building a Pro Version of PhotoSmash. Fingers crossed that it will live up to my dreams!


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